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2017 Horror Hotel Nominees
Best Cinematography in a Feature Film
Daniel Maitland, “All the Wrong Friends”
Gaspar Quique Silva, “La Casa de los Opas”
Jamess Rewucki, “Tempus Tormentum”
“Mystery Zone: Soul Eating Hill”
Patrice Lucien Cochet, “Devil's Whisper”

Best Cinematography in an Ohio Film

Andrew Boylan, “Haunt Me”
Greg Kraus, “Dark of the Night”
Greg Kraus, “Down the Stairs”
Jim Higgins, “Mother's Milk”
Mike McNeese, “Born Again”

Best Cinematography in a Short Film
Bo Webb, “Agatha”
Goof de Koning, “Riven”
Nico Van Den Berg, “Time to Eat”
Nono Arruga, “Zona-84”
R. Jason Ball, “Creatures of Whitechapel”

Best Director of a Feature Film
Adam Ripp, “Devil's Whisper”
Dorian Fernández-Moris, “Sinister Circle”
Greg Hemphill, “West Skerra Light”
Michael Williams, “The Atoning”
Scott Powers, “Insomnium”

Best Director of an Ohio Film
Jason Tostevin, “Born Again”
Jim Higgins, “Mother's Milk”
Linda Gabriele, “Down the Stairs”
Parker Brennon, “Haunt Me”
TJ Cooley & KC Allen, “Dark of the Night”

Best Director of a Short Film
Corey Norman, “White Drift”
David Jeffery, “Girl #2”
Jonathan Martin, “Creatures of Whitechapel”
Richard Bakewell & Lale Arpaci, “Postpartum”
Sjoerd de Bont, “Riven”

Best Lead Actor
Brad Pennington, “Insomnium”
Clint Browning, “Insomnium”
David Kukla, “Hindsight”
Drew Maniscalco, “Addicted”
Justin Marshall Elias, “Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games”

Best Ohio Lead Actor
Jon Hodges, “Down the Stairs”
Kip Bennett, “Clever Girl”
Randall Greenland, “Born Again”
Randy R. Fabert, “Dark of the Night”
Scott Massey, “I'll Get You Harry!"

Best Lead Actress
Abby Wathen, “Besetment”
Jenny Curtis, “Postpartum”
Katy Yoder, “Girl #2”
Lorna Craig, “West Skerra Light”
Virginia Newcomb, “The Atoning”

Best Ohio Lead Actress
Audrey Stith, “Down the Stairs”
Crissy Kolarik, “Vessel”
Mia Jones, “Rhyme Slaya”
Susan Adriensen, “Willow Falls”
Tifani Ahren Davis, “Clever Girl”

Best Supporting Actor
Akanimo Eyo, “The KAOS Brief”
Daniel Lench, “The Lurking Man”
Lewis Howden, “West Skerra Light”
Rick Macy, “Creatures of Whitechapel”
Rick Ravanello, “Devil's Whisper”

Best Ohio Supporting Actor
Andrew Herriage, “Banger”
Brian Spangler, “Born Again”
Christopher Butturff, “Down the Stairs”
Demond Ballou, “Banger”
Jeff Potts, “Willow Falls”

Best Supporting Actress
Krishna Smitha, “All the Wrong Friends”
Lorraine McIntosh, “West Skerra Light”
Shanna Vincent, “Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games”
Tessie Santiago, “Devil's Whisper”
Yan Luyang, “Mystery Zone: Soul Eating Hill”

Best Ohio Supporting Actress
Angela Randle, “Banger”
KateLynn E. Newberry, “Rhyme Slaya”
Marissa Semon, “Infected”
Meka Butler, “Haunt Me”
Susan M. Martin, “Willow Falls”

Horror Hotel 2017 Award Winners


Top 10:

1. Brooke Mitchell
2. Carlos Vielma
3. Sofia Barcala Velasco
4. Sandor Gyorfi
5. Andy Kotz
6. Landon Knoblock
7. Alexander McMillan
8. Alioune Kone
9. Brian Jilg
10. Joseph Pacilio

Honorable Mentions:
Adam Hudson
Carlos Nunez Medina
Carolyn Barela
Daniel Beja
Emilia Takayama
Joanna Moradiellos
John Driscoll
Julia Marczuk
Maki Leonce Roux
Michael D. Jones, Sr.
Ondrej Timpl
Philipp White
Raul Carreira
Roman Jarema
William Thony


Feature: Horror

1. Devil's Whisper
2. Tempus Tormentum
3. Besetment
4. Night Kaleidoscope

Feature: Horror, Foreign
1. Sinester Circle
2. La Casa De Los Opas
3. Memory of August
4. Madayen

Feature: Horror-Comedy
1. West Skerra Light
2. Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games
3. Black Holler

Feature: Sci-Fi
1. The KAOS Brief
2. Brute Sanity
3. Subconscious Reality

Feature: Student
1. Afterthought

Feature: Suspense-Thriller
1. Insomnium
2. The Atoning
3. All The Wrong Friends
4. Banger

Feature: Suspense-Thriller, Foreign
1. Mystery Zone: Soul Eating Hill
2. Todo acaba al final del dia
3. El nido del trauma

Micro: Experimental
1. Token
2. Divination

Micro: Foreign
2. La cena

Micro: Sci-Fi
1. Strange Harvest
2. Monster

Micro: Thriller
1. Phobia
2. The Stranger
3. Checked Out
4. The Woods

Micro: Horror
1. Ding Dong
2. Paul's Bad Day
3. Fiend
4. Debbie Lynn

Micro: Horror-Comedy
1. Time to Eat
2. Last Call

Music Video
1. Beyond the Ocean Floor
2. Vicious Minds Project

Short: Experimental
1. 2AM
2. finis'
3. Do You Want to See Her?

Short: Horror
1. Those Among Us
2. Agatha
3. The Catalyst
4. The Vanity

Short: Horror, Foreign
1. Riven
2. Astrid
3. Void Chair
4. Massage

Short: Horror-Comedy
1. Girl #2
2. The Call of Charlie
3. Born Again
4. The Anthesis of Man

Short: Horror-Comedy, Foreign
1. Claire & Bruno: a story of love and fresh meat
2. Textile

Short: Sci-Fi
1. Zone-84
2. District Quarantine
3. Sputnik
4. Death Lies on Her

Short: Sci-Fi, Foreign
1. Adam Peiper
2. Graffiti
3. Memory

Short: Student
1. Creatures of Whitechapel
2. Limbus
3. After October
4. D*ckeaters

Short: Suspense-Thriller
1. White Drift
2. Postpartum
3. Anywhere I Lay
4. Down the Stairs

TV Pilot
1. Barry Baker:Aspiring Serial Killer
2. Aunt Jean
3. The Camera

Web Episode
1. The Review
2. Clever Girl

Honorable Mentions: Film
A Father's Day
A Game of Chess
A Little Slice
A Menacing Proposal
A Peculiar Thud
After October
Beyond the Doors
Black In Red Out
Blessed Are the Children
Blurred Vision
Bride of Frankie
Curse of the Fur Beast
Dark of the Night
Dead Sunrise
Deja Vecu
Evil Rising
Happy Home
Haunt Me
I'll Get You Harry!
Inside Ben
Killer Workout
Krampus 2: The Devil Returns
Monsters Among Men
Mother's Milk
My Radical Valentine
Rhyme Slaya
Sam the Vamp
Sexy Teenage Werewolf Rampage 4
The Cursed Man
The Ghost Knows
The Lurking Man
The Phantom Hour
The Sound of Fear
Vegetarian Zombies
We Want You
Willow Falls
You're F**k'n Dead!


Feature: Fantasy
1. The Necromancer's Guide to Success
2. Zackary Rose
3. The Gingerbread House Protocol
4. Witch Wind

Feature: Horror
1. The Surge
2. Dark are the Woods
3. The Valley of Blood
4. Feral

Feature: Horror-Comedy
1. Vermin
2. I Would Kill for That
3. Watermelon Feet
4. Timmy Cooke: A Love Story

Feature: Sci-Fi
1. Titan
2. Cover Crop
3. The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed
4. Dakota Caves – 2 Miles

Feature: Slasher
1. After School
2. Slaughtered Lambs
3. Slasher Flick

Feature: Suspense-Thriller
1. The Twin Within
2. Twincarnation
3. Open Casket
4. Roommates

Short: Horror
1. The Emaciated Man
2. The Damned Thing
3. A Road to Nowhere
4. Skinwalker

Short: Horror-Comedy
1. Deep Dish Apocalypse
2. Medicine Show Blues
3. House Rules
4. Crazy for the Blonde

Short: Sci-Fi
1. Enemy Unseen
2. Black Waters
3. A.L.P.H.A.

TV Pilot
1. Mythos
2. Nobody's Tracks
3. Hollow

Web Episode
1. Special Delivery
2. Devil
3. Night Watch

Honorable Mentions: Script
Dead Wake
Evil Rising
Hiroshima Skies
Honor Killing
Hunting Party
The Intruder
Santa Klawn
Voodoo High
Witch House

*All submissions must receive a score of 85 or higher to qualify for an award.*

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