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Scheduled time allows for a short Q&A at the end of each screening or block, provided a member of the production is present.Click poster for film trailer (when available).
Thursday, June 6th, 2019
Screening Room A

Time / Name


The Collector, Foreign Horror Comedy Short

In this dark fairy-tale, a man collects the heads of his ex-girlfriends as hunting trophies. But his current girlfriend won't go down without a fight.

A Handful of Dust, Student Suspense-Thriller Short

Dr. Neal Goodman enables terminal patients' right to die through the practice of mercy killing via his one-of-a-kind device. But when he sets out to fulfill a mother's request to euthanize her "terminally-ill" daughter, he discovers that his procedure is the crux of an elaborate cult ritual that tests his ethics like never before.

Demonbond, Fantasy Short

Three teenagers get more then they bargained for after an encounter with a mysterious fortune teller. Together, the must find a way to escape the control of a demon before anyone else gets hurt!

Inner Ghosts, Horror Feature

A woman who gave up on her life as a medium receives a gift from the afterlife: a device that can perform wonderful things - at a price.

The Thing About Beecher's Gate, Horror Short

A deputy that has recently transferred to the town of Beecher's Gate, is ordered by the town's sheriff to spend a night alone in a barn with only a shotgun as a rite of passage.

Lamia: The Zombie Slayer, Action/Horror Short

In this "lost film footage", Lamia (of "Horror Hotel") first meets the voodoo priest Poppa Voodoo. Called in to play by an angry townsman (Joe Estevez) and aided by his assistant Pandora, he raises a horde of zombies that Lamia must put back in the ground.

Blood Stains, Foreign Horror Short

Leaving his band and girlfriend behind to become a star in America, an ambitious singer meets a mysterious hitch-hiker who can turn his dream into a nightmare.

Horrors of War, Horror Feature

Feeling the pressure from Allied advance, Hitler unleashes his secret weapons, giving rise to a type of warfare the world has never seen. Throughout the European theater of WWII, Lieutenant John Schmidt comes face to face with these "weapons."

Friday, June 7th
Screening Room A

Time / Name


Cleveland 48HFP: Horror

The top 3 films from the 2018 48 Hour Film Project: Horror competition.

"My Skin is Grey" by Render Gang
A romantic date takes a horrific turn into the madness of a serial killer.

"Bad Signal" by Rainstick
Just another day for a cable repairman...

"The Technician" by Handled Animals
A loner teenager Halloween movie night takes a turn for the worst.

Marta, Foreign Horror-Comedy Short

Marta's dream profession is to be a serial killer, and she wants Carlos to be her first victim.

The Hunted, Suspense-Thriller Short

Luke is a paranormal hunter who is able to communicate with the spirits of the undead. Claire is a recently turned lycanthrope on the run from the wolves who took away her humanity. And a vengeful spirit named Karen makes these two cross paths.

Below the Trees, Horror Short

In this prelude to a feature film, an independent young woman inherits her grandmother's rural estate but soon meets an unsettling neighbor with malevolent intentions.

Livescream, Horror Feature

A popular video game streamer accidentally starts playing a haunted game, with deadly consequences for himself and his fans.

Belladonna, Fantasy Short

Belladonna is a monster film based around the "Lamia" in ancient Greek Mythology. With tones of giallo films of the past, Belladonna tells a story of a once child-eating snake, who has found a way to stay hidden in the modern world.

S, Foreign Horror Short

Mary travels to Spain for an internship at a mental hospital. In addition to facing the difficulties of living in a foreign country, she will meet the first patient she must treat. Nothing will be as she expected.

Revenge of the Slasher, Slasher Short

There are simple rules to survive a horror movie. What happens when the faithful virgin decides she wants to break every single one? What happens when the slasher becomes the star of the film instead? In this incredibly low budget horror satire we see what really happens when all the rules are broken.

Haven's End, Suspense-Thriller Feature

Major cities across the globe are under attack. A surgeon and her friends flee Atlanta to her family property in the countryside of South Georgia. They arrive to discover her estranged brother and his girlfriend already holed up on the land. As they try to figure out how to work together to survive, strange lights and unusual activity in the surrounding forest lead them to believe they are not alone.

Saturday, June 8th
Screening Room A

Time / Name


Beneath: A Cave Film, Horror Feature

When a group of cavern tour guides hear an old tale of a sacrificial cult performing rituals in the cave, they sneak down into the restricted areas to find out more.

Ashes, Horror Short

'Ashes' is a psychological horror film about a godless, drug-addicted male, who reluctantly receives ashes during Ash Wednesday to please his family, and is sent into a downward spiral of hallucinatory religious-themed body horror.

Escape Room, Slasher Short

A brilliant student who is bullied in high school and suffers from OCD reluctantly joins her popular friends at a horror-themed Escape Room game. When the group realizes that a revenge-seeking Game Master has set them up in a custom-made deadly trap, the five teenagers start turning on each other.

Forever Young, Sci-Fi Short

This is the story of an ambitious scientist as she brings her own revolutionary beauty product to the market, but it's not your every day treatment. The results are spectacular but the cost is high.

Reborn, Horror Feature

A stillborn baby re-animated by electrokinetic power sets out to find her mother.

Caronte, Sci-Fi Short

Debbie is rude with her own family. But after a dramatic car accident, she starts to regret about the way she behaved with them. Unexpectedly, Debbie's story connects with Arsys's, an experienced military and space fighter pilot who tries to survive a huge space battle which takes place on other time...another galaxy....another universe.

My Soul to Keep, Horror Feature

Nine year old Eli Braverman fears what lives in his basement, but the fears may just exist in his head.

(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

The most terrifying fears creep into a little girl in her room when the lights turn off, just before she goes to sleep. Her father tries patiently to calm her; however, the darkness and the unknown are much more powerful and voracious. There's something even worse there, that hides a frightening reality.

-La Guarida
Mario is driving under the rain. It’s dark in a lonely road. Suddenly he has to stop. In the middle of the way there’s a woman. She is disorientated and covered in blood. She doesn’t remember where she’s been or what happened to her.

-Map to the Stars
After the loss of her mother, a little girl arrives at an orphanage. Outside, the greatest discovery awaits her.

-Saturn Through The Telescope
Max is a ten-year-old boy obsessed with insects, telescopes and monsters. One night he decides to escape from his bed to watch a terror film in the TV. Surprised by his mother, he is returned to his bedroom. However, he is fascinated by the images he has seen, but they will give him nightmares.

Comme Tous Les Matins, Foreign Horror Short

Like every morning... an ordinary day starts, punctuated by the automatisms of a man worn by his peers. His only happiness: a morbid passion.

Abi, Sci-Fi Short

Vincent Forrester's computer prototype could change the world, but when a virus in the system infects his lab assistant, Abi, it could mean his death

No Knock List, Suspense-Thriller Feature

When two hardened criminals facing harsh sentences make a break from prison, they hatch their plan to rob a paranoid recluse who runs a boarding house in her sprawling Victorian manor. Just as their plan seems to be coming together, things inside the mansion begin to unravel.

New Jersey Demon Hunters, TV Pilot

A team of paranormal investigators and a production crew investigate an abandoned farm home that inhabits an evil entity.

The Woodsmen, Horror Short

Something is wrong in Slender Valley. When residents start to go missing in the vast forests, Park Ranger Sherman, and Deputy Ranger Lewis take on the chore of leading search expeditions. But someone knows more than they are letting on and Slender Valley can't keep it's secret forever... or can it?

Kiss the Devil in the Dark, Fantasy Short

Desperate to save his dying wife, the sorcerer Marcus (Dameon Clarke) makes a dark bargain with the demon Dagon (Doug Jones) to save her soul. Dagon, however, has more in store for Marcus than a mere exchanging of souls.

Phoenix Incident, Sci-Fi Feature

Phoenix Incident, Sci-Fi Feature
Investigation into the March 1997 disappearance of 4 Arizona men exposes a military cover-up of the largest UFO abduction in North America.

Screening Room B

Time / Name


(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

Girl wakes up in a empty pool at an abandon house unable to remember the night before. As her memories come back to her she discovers a dark truth.

-La Noche
A few years ago in Madrid, children disappeared. They thought catching the person responsible would be an end to everything, but they did not know that years later, it would begin again.

-The Process
When passion becomes your obsession and obsession gives you pleasure. You do not know where to draw the line. Esteban shares his step-by-step process, letting you feel every drop, every piece, every moment of his labor of love. An obsessive masterpiece based on a true story.

A man comes home after committing a sinister crime of passion, only to realize something far sinister has returned with him.

-Where The Shadows Fall
After being caught kidnapping a woman, a murdering psychopath hunts down the photographer to silence the loose end.

(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

A young man helps an old lady to carry the laundry to her house. Once inside, the woman isn’t willing to let him go.

An original, psychological horror film about a young girl who envisions an ominous monster lurking in her home after her mother comes back from an extended hospital stay.

-The Foal
A woman suffers a miscarriage after waking up from a strange night.

Three longtime friends go camping in the woods, but the fun and games end when one of them takes a "fossil" from a nearby abandoned nuclear power plant.

Straight Edge Kegger, Suspense-Thriller Feature

A young punk and a houseful of drunks square off against the gang of militant straight edgers that he's abandoned.

(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

-Amancio: A Village Vampire
Amancio is the last inhabitant of an abandoned village. Suffering from hunger, he dreams of new victims but the arrival of relatives will force him to decide if the visitors are going to take him out of his solitude or serve him like dinner.

-Deep Dish Apocalypse
As a zombie-riddled Los Angeles erupts in chaos, two co-workers bump into each other beneath the city on an abandoned subway platform. One of them makes a confession, the other makes a move, and both try to escape alive.

-The Nice Cabin
A young girl is trying to be the best freelance doctor that she can be, there’s only once problem, her teachers sucks. Then one day a mysterious stranger from a far off land comes and changes everything.

Jon has to stand up against his family's demons when they succumb to a strange affliction that leaves him with unwanted guests.

-The Pickman Model
What's the secret behind Richard Pickman's unearthly art? Join Pickman as he walks you through his three-part model to artistic success!

Triggered, Horror-Comedy Feature

Two teens fake an attack by a prolific serial killer for attention and find themselves running for their lives when the real killer comes after them.

Human Resources, Horror-Comedy Short

Three fed-up co-workers attempt to get revenge on their horrible HR representative.

Micro & Music Block #1
(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

-6th to 10th Place Film Scores: Mursus; Philippe Gilbert; Alexander McMillan; Phil McClean; Ricardo Raymundo

-Bun in the Oven
A woman prepares a special meal for a special time in her life.

-Death of a Salesperson
A persistent salesperson learns the consequences of his actions, and a reluctant customer also learns his fate.

A young girl awakens from a living nightmare, only to discover that one should never trust the light!

-My Personal Ghost Story
You are not crazy, but he is.

-Old Mrs. Jenkins
Reminiscent of the campy horror films from the 80s, Old Mrs. Jenkins tells the story of what happens to a couple after a thunderstorm leaves them in the dark. With only candles, a broken flashlight and a fireplace to light the night, together they learn that some scary stories should never be retold.

-The Smiling Strangers
After Nicholas Houghton kills a child in a car accident, he is tormented by a pair of evil beings.

Benjamin Howdeshell partners with film icon Milla Jovovich in directing a horror short film-slash-music video for the Berlin-based band Parcels. The all-too-real fears of home invasion create an unexpected and genius backdrop for the track “Withorwithout”.

"Boogeyman 3", Horror Feature

with special guest Gary Jones (director)

When a college student witnesses the alleged suicide of her roommate, it sets into motion a series of horrific events that cause her to fear the supernatural entity. As she tries to convince the rest of her dorm that the Boogeyman does exist, the evil force grows stronger and her friends begin to pay the price. Now she must stop this ultimate evil before the entire campus falls prey.

(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

-Here There Be Monsters
To escape incessant bullying on the bus ride home, a young girl falls asleep only to wake up trapped at an empty bus yard, with something lurking outside - something big - and if she wants to make it out alive, this frightened girl will have to unleash a monster of her own.

-Mama's Boy
A young man's life spirals into depravity and madness when he confronts the trauma of his childhood.

-The Monster
A father helps a young boy get over his fear of Monsters, at a terrible price.

A serial killer goes about his evening routine until it's interrupted by an uninvited guest.

(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

-Harper Finch
Driven by obsession, a young mental patient forcibly attempts to rekindle his relationship with an emotionally fragile fellow inmate.

-Three Pick Up Artists
Sarah is in two different relationships. She loves both of them, Guy and Melinda. Guy randomly meets Melinda.

-You or Me
A New Yorker comes face-to-face with an unwanted guest forcing him to choose...YOU or ME.

The Killer Clown Meets the Candy Man, Horror Feature

Serial killers John Wayne Gacy (The Killer Clown) and Dean Corll (The Candy Man) meet in Chicago, run into Charles Manson and plan a murder.

Sunday, June 9th
Screening Room A

Time / Name


"Horror Hotel" Halloween Special, TV Episode

Join Lamia and her motley crew for some Halloween hijinks and horror!

Tremble, Suspense-Thriller Short

Jolie invites her friends to her secluded farm home for a fun weekend away from the city. They all soon discover a terrible evil lurking just beneath the soil.

Birth, Student Horror Short

Years ago, in the basement of the Ravencrest Hospital, a deal was made to spare the life of a young child. In exchange for his life, he must give up the soul of his first born, and the time has come for that price to be paid.

Lamia: The Zombie Slayer, Action/Horror Short

In this "lost film footage", Lamia (of "Horror Hotel") first meets the voodoo priest Poppa Voodoo. Called in to play by an angry townsman (Joe Estevez) and aided by his assistant Pandora, he raises a horde of zombies that Lamia must put back in the ground.

Gotas (Drops), Foreign Horror Short

Marta is a teenager whose parents died two years ago. One night, while alone at home, she will discover the truth about the pain that is tormenting her.

Don't Look Back, Horror Short

After some fun time at the movie theater, four childhood friends spend the night together in a house. Soon they realize they are trapped in the house with something evil, but not everything is what it seems.

Alive., Suspense-Thriller Feature

A severely injured man and woman awake in an abandoned sanitarium only to discover that a sadistic caretaker holds the keys to their freedom and the horrific answers as to their true identity.


Award Ceremony

Screening Room B

Time / Name


God's Law, Suspense-Thriller Feature

A group of homosexual teenagers are sent to a “Christian counselor”, who believes that reparative therapy is the cure for their “disease”. When that inevitably fails he turns to the Good Book.

(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

-Love Bite
Love Bite follows Charlie, a young guy grappling with the death of his Mother, and the apparent death of his girlfriend.

-Messed Up
A young woman's messy apartment is the only thing standing between her and a crazed killer.

-Zombie Bites Werewolf
A hapless werewolf is bitten by a zombie on the day of a full moon. High jinks ensue.


(films listed alphabetically; order to be determined)

-1st to 5th Place Film Scores: Lui Vincenzi; Stefano Panizzo; Umit Onder; Sophian Alkurdi; Michael Jones

-The Balking Dead
These zombies don't walk, they balk

-Come In (The Water's Fine)
Come In showcases Technical Difficulties leads Trever Veilleux and RaVani Flood telling the story of a group who venture into Green Lake, encountering a seductive Mo’o creature. Havoc ensues, turning their once tranquil vacation into a slaughter.

-Forest Queen
This music video for FOREST QUEEN by The New Mutiny follows a young girl that met a violent end embracing her vengeful rage.

-Frozen in Terror
A young couple wakes to a chilling discovery.

-Grease Ghoul
Grease Ghoul centers around a dissolving couple who enter a junkyard haunted by a spirit that does not want to spend eternity alone.

-Guess Who's Coming to Town
Santa Claus is warned about a new visitor to town, with unexpected consequences.

-Mors Vincit Omnia
Death conquers all.

-Night Mara
A young woman experiences the terror of sleep paralysis.

It comes from the other side and nothing can stop it.

-The Saga of Psycho Girl
A very untraditional sort of love story. A crazed torturer meets a girl just beginning to discover her psychopathy... and the two go on a killing spree of insane proportions.

A mysterious place in a dark city is where this legend begins.

-Silence is Golden
Two strangers meet on a park bench, unaware that one of them is hiding a dark secret.

Horror Hotel 2019 Honorable Mention Film Scores

Entries by: Israel Becerril; Clint Clark; Esteban Cortes; Fabio Cuomo; Arthur Dubois; Celine Grevet; Kalle Jurvanen; Dave Larsen; Andres Martin; Christophe Mathieu; Manuel Melero; Victor Moreira; Ondrej Timpl; Jimi Williams

Flesh City, Experimental Feature

FLESH CITY is a Trojan horse of a film. It starts as a genre movie but slowly derails into manipulating the audience's mind. You come to realize that you yourself are the real victim of the film's mysterious mad scientist character.

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