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"Queen of the Dark"
Host of the nationally syndicated TV show "Horror Hotel" and the Host of the International Horror Hotel Film Festival & Convention

Ray Szuch

Founder of The International Indie Gathering and The REEL TV Network. Executive producer of "Horror Hotel"& four time Emmy nominated, three time Emmy winning producer. Three time Telly Award winner.

Richard Fike
Director of Stunt Predators USA & SFX based out of Ohio, Richard Fike has been involved in the stunt world since 1986

Chris Hahn
Chris Hahn is known for his work on ClownTown (2016), Miles Ahead (2015) and Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013).

Host of Saturday Fright Theater

Erik "Easy E" William is the Co-Producer of Saturday Fright Theater. He has been featured in several films, stage, and television productions. He is currently the host of Saturday Fright Theater, and Indie Films Backstage.

Son of Ghoul

Following in the footsteps of Cleveland's legendary 60s horror host, Ghoulardi, The Son of Ghoul has himself become an Ohio television icon. And with 30 consecutive years on the air, he is among the longest running costumed horror hosts in the nation!

Ted Sikora
Ted Sikora is the co-writer and producer of "Apama: The Undiscovered Animal", a comic book series featuring Cleveland's new resident superhero. He also directed the 2008 indie hit "Hero Tomorrow".

"The Mummy and the Monkey"

Straight Outta Cleveland, Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri have joined forces to host their  show: "The Mummy and the Monkey" in order to continue a local tradition that spans over fifty years! Influenced by local greats like: Ghoulardi, Superhost, Big Chuck & Lil' John, as well as nationally syndicated shows such as: Elvira and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, they strive to deliver wacky comedy bits and screen cheesy B-movies. Horror Hosting as you've known it, will never be the same...

The Midnight Movie

Other than the standard explanation that we show old movies at midnight, The Midnight Movie is more than that. The simple way of describing us is we show cult movies to movies so bad they are good.

Frank Julius Palumbo

Frank Julius Palumbo is the author of 'Sullen Falls' (published by Dark Dragon Publishers) and 'The Enochian War: Armageddon Unleashed' (published by Eternal Press). His books entail elements of horror, dark fantasy, and sci-fi while introducing deep held esoteric beliefs such as astral projection, supernatural entities and the evolution of human consciousness. He has also adapted 'The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed' into a feature length screenplay.

Johnny Wu

"Superman" fan film

"Dr. Who" fan film

Johnny Wu
Award winning producer and director. Director of multiple fan movies, including "Superman" and  "Dr. Who" Wu has successfully marketed all his short and feature films, winning awards, guaranteed, to be screened at festivals/conventions and getting positive reviews from critics. Not only with independent films, Wu has also organized back in Los Angeles events where talents such as Eve, Will Smith, Kevin Bacon, Stevel Seagal and many attended.

Skippy the Evil Clown

Jason MCcallister as Skippy The Evil Clown - Jason has been performing as Skippy The Evil Clown for 9 years. He has been a guest actor at Alliance Haunted Castle, Factory of Terror, Cedar Point HalloWeekends, Akron Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory, and Haunted Hydro. He appeared in the film "Blood in the Snow" and Akron School House and Laboratory's television commercial, and he is a regular cast member on the "Horror Hotel" TV Series.

Vernard Adams
Actor Vernard Adams has worked on dozens film and television projects. He is currently working on the horror film "Estella's Revenge" and the action film "In Guns We Trust". He is also attached to the upcoming horror film "Twincarnation". Vern is also a long-running judge of the Scream Queen/King competition at Horror Hotel and will be speaking on the acting panel.

Alan Tuskes
FX Artist that has worked on countless Hollywood projects

Peter John Ross
Horrors of War (2006). A cross genre, WWII action sci fi horror movie with drama and comedy

Jackie Chin
Will be interviewing filmmakers for Zombiepalooza Radio Live

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