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2013 Awards List

Machete Zombie from the original Dawn of the Dead


Robert Kurtzman
Trivia: Kurtzman was the first person to pay Quentin Tarintino to write a screenplay. For $1,500, Tarintino penned the screenplay for "From Dusk 'Til Dawn based on a short story Kurtzman had written about an action movie with the vampire element. From producing, directing and FX supervisoring, Robert Kurzman has done it all!
Visit his IMDB page for all his credits.

Alan Tuskes

Special Effects Markeup Artist. Alan has worked on such projects as "To Live and Die", "Kill Bill: Vol. 1", "Austin Powers in Goldmember", "Men in Black II", "Spy Kids", "Dune", "Little Nicky"; "End of Days"; "Virus"; "The Relic" and too many more to list!  2013 Indie Filmmakers Hall of Fame Inductee*

Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate.
Edward Douglas is a professional composer and producer whose clients include Universal Studios Orlando, Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro Properties), ABC-TV, and Anheuser Busch Entertainment. He has scored several feature films and videos, receiving multiple Best Score awards for his work on 2010's The Dead Matter. In addition to licensing music to television shows like Monday Night Football, films, and video games, Edward is also the founder, producer and co-composer of the dark orchestral group Midnight Syndicate, the premiere producers of original music for the Halloween retail, amusement park, and haunted house industries worldwide.
2013 Indie Filmmakers Hall of Fame Inductee*

Kristina Michelle
as Lady Dragon

Vernard Adams as Poppa Joe "Lady Dragon"


Ray Szuch
Producer and action director. Three time Emmy winning producer and stunt coordinator. CEO - The Indie Gathering. Owner The REEL TV Network. Grand Master in the Martial Arts and former US Olympic coach.Producer & Stunt coordinator for 2 CBS shows and one NBC show.


Annette Lawless

Actress and Reporter (FOX 8) Annette Lawless has appeared in films such as "Rued January" and "Krampus: The Christmas Devil". She will soon be co-starring in the action film "Lady Dragon" as Pandora.

Tiffany Apan

Tiffany is a singer, songwriter, composer, award-winning producer, stage/film actress, model, and writer. Her acting credits in film include The Girl (which also stars Debbie Rochon, Lisa Neeld, Ari Lehman, and Robert Z'Dar), Slashers Gone Wild (also starring Robyn Griggs), Heavy Mental (with Lloyd Kaufman), Doll Nazis Must Die, Into the Pit: The Shocking Story Behind, and Fetish Dolls Die Laughing.

Travis Bowen, founder of Eerie Frequency Entertainment.
Eerie Frequency's latest film released in October of last year called "The Girl" was directed by Bowen and he was also a co-star in the film. This summer Eerie Frequency dishes out the flesh eating "Night Of The Cannibals" co-produced by Bowen and directed by Mohn. Films that are going into production this year are the horror film "Valley Of The Sasquatch" that Bowen is starring in being directed by Matt Jefferson and the Picture dactyl production science fiction film "Hollow Earth" being directed by Bowen and starring Lana Wood (007: Diamonds Are Forever, sister of the late Hollywood legend Natalie Wood) and Sierra Holmes (VH1 Scream Queens Season 2).

GD Effects
Special Effects Makeup Team


Michael Trivisonno
began Acting in 2003 when he landed a featured role in the independent film "Bigfoot" by Bob Gray. He then began taking acting classes with instructor Ray Szuch. A few supporting roles soon followed in films such as "CROPS" and "Murder Machine!". He then decided to write his own script, the feature "Hostile Denial", which he also directed. Michael has since worked with stars Michael Madsen and Joanna Pacula in the film "Greater Threat. He has also landed lead roles in film's such as "Controlled" and the upcoming Slapstick Horror film "Haunt". His pilot for “Baron Bloodstorm’s Tales to Tell at Midnight” is screening at Horror Hotel.


Jessica Willis AKA Jessica Da-Bomb
Special Effects Makeup Artist


William Alexander
Producer / Director / Editor, owner of Travelin Light Productions.  Award winning William Alexander has over 20 years of experience in Indie film. Films he has worked on include: Dead Silent; Hellweek; Greater Threat, and more. His newest film "Haunt", a feature horror comedy, is now in pre-production.

Ron George
Special FX Makeup Artist.


Janet Jay
Northeast Ohio actress and model. Winner of 2012 Horror Hotel Scream Queen Competition.


Roger Conners
Internationally recognized for his work in horror films, Roger Conners has stepped up to become one of independent cinema's go to gay actors. Major credits include Hellementary: An Education in Death, Hellweek, Dark of Moon, Voodoo Rising, and most recently the leading role of Kyle in the horror/slasher Chill. Roger recently announced he will be writing and producing his own project this summer entitled What We Saw.

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