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*Below is our 2014 guest list. Please check back later for 2015's guests.*

Lamia - Host of Horror Hotel!

Zombie Rex (Rex Baker) from Horror Hotel Show

Mark Torgl as Melvin Junko from "The Toxic Avenger"

Gary Jones - A seasoned director with twenty five years of experience in the industry. With a strong artistic background in special effects, he brings his unique visual style to every film. Known primarily for directing films in the Sci-Fi/Action/Horror genres, including Boogeyman 3, Mosquito, Xena: The Warrior Princess, Crocodile 2 and more. Most recently completed AXE GIANT: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan.

Chris Hahn - Actor - Chris played the part of Paul Bunyan in the "AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN"

Kristina Michelle as Lady Dragon

Vernard Adams as Poppa Joe "Lady Dragon"


Ray Szuch
Producer and action director. Three time Emmy winning producer and stunt coordinator. CEO - The Indie Gathering. Owner The REEL TV Network. Grand Master in the Martial Arts and former US Olympic coach.Producer & Stunt coordinator for 2 CBS shows and one NBC show.

Tiffany Apan

Tiffany is a singer, songwriter, composer, award-winning producer, stage/film actress, model, and writer. Her acting credits in film include The Girl (which also stars Debbie Rochon, Lisa Neeld, Ari Lehman, and Robert Z'Dar), Slashers Gone Wild (also starring Robyn Griggs), Heavy Mental (with Lloyd Kaufman), Doll Nazis Must Die, Into the Pit: The Shocking Story Behind, and Fetish Dolls Die Laughing.

Travis Bowen, founder of Eerie Frequency Entertainment.
Eerie Frequency's latest film released in October of last year called "The Girl" was directed by Bowen and he was also a co-star in the film. This summer Eerie Frequency dishes out the flesh eating "Night Of The Cannibals" co-produced by Bowen and directed by Mohn. Films that are going into production this year are the horror film "Valley Of The Sasquatch" that Bowen is starring in being directed by Matt Jefferson and the Picture dactyl production science fiction film "Hollow Earth" being directed by Bowen and starring Lana Wood (007: Diamonds Are Forever, sister of the late Hollywood legend Natalie Wood) and Sierra Holmes (VH1 Scream Queens Season 2).

Michael Trivisonno
Owner of eMpTy Films Productions, Michael has been involved in Acting and Directing since 2003. He has appeared in numerous projects and has won several awards for Directing and Screen Writing. Currently working on his Suspense/Horror series "Tales To Tell At Midnight".  He is also a regular cast member of the weekly late night cable show "The Midnight Movie", which is a throwback to "Ghoulardi" and "Big Chuck and Lil' John",  where his segment "Triv's Trivia" is quickly becoming very popular among it's fans!

William Alexander
Producer / Director / Editor, owner of Travelin Light Productions.  Award winning William Alexander has over 20 years of experience in Indie film. Films he has worked on include: Dead Silent; Hellweek; Greater Threat, and more. His newest film "Haunt", a feature horror comedy, is now in pre-production.

FX ARTIST - Shawn Sterba

FX ARTIST - Daniel Blain Click

FX ARTIST - Dan Overton

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