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Interview: Hostess of the Horror Hotel Show and Festival
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The lady who makes The REEL Show and Indie Gathering film fest happen

Horror Train interviews Horror Hotel's Mistress Lamia
Zombiepalooza - Lamia Interview


Retro TV might not be as well known as classic TV giant ME TV, but for horror buffs the network is a smorgasbord of spooky delights. Retro TV is home to three–count ’em–three hosted horror movie shows. Off Beat Cinema is followed at midnight by Horror Hotel. Hosted by the buxom Lamia who comes to you direct from her own chamber of horrors, Lamia brings her own favorite choices in shlock horror and underground cinema to the screen. (Blog)

"Lamia is a knowledgeable horror film historian who gives the facts and stats on the movies she hosts, as well as what was going on, horror-wise, during its era."
ROKU Guide review

Safe House is a cool indie horror flim. It shows us a recurring theme in a world ruled by zombies, that the living can be just as dangerous as the dead.
Joshua G.

Love the show and the host "Lamia, Queen of the Dark" Grew up watching Dr. Shock out of Philadelphia. It is such a pleasure to see a very motivated young person carrying on the tradition of a horror movie host. I especially enjoy all the background info about the people who made the movie. Keep up the good work and much success in the future. I do plan to get to the film festival some year. I watch your show on Retro TV on Service Electric Cablevision in Fleetwood, Pa.
Randy K. - PA

Hi. New fan of Horror Hotel, as it only recently was added to Retro tv. Thanks much for keeping classic horror films on tv.
Bonita, Los Angeles CA

Safe House paired up perfect with The Demon Barber (of Fleet Street)!
John C.


I enjoy her tidbits of information about the movies. Not to mention she is pleasing to the eye.
John B.

Nice.. I like.! 1st time that have noticed it on Retro-tv 16.1 Cleveland.. Pleasant & attractive hostess.. Wonderful to have another local talent & programming to kick back to Horror Hotel on a Saturday eve & watching classic horror flicks.. Brings back memories of my youth.. I'll be tuning in on a regular basis.!
Terry Kaye, Cleveland OH

New to the show and really love it!! Nice to have a show like this on again, makes me think of the old show  ---> Chiller Theater  chilly billy
Cinnamon S., Pennsylvania

LOVE the show! Watch every Saturday at Midnight on WFMZ RTV! Lamia is a great hostess - I love how she talks about the movies, gives unknown facts and little quizzes - it's pretty interesting and I enjoy those extra details! I hope you stick with this show permanently at midnight because it really is fun to watch. I also enjoy the movie selections, so far they've all been good and worth watching! I think it's nice that you're having a mini contest for fans, and I'd love to see more of that, even if its a promo item once every few weeks! I also get a kick out of your bloopers when the monsters go onto the set and Lamia screams at them because she normally sounds so sweet yet she can be pretty mean (its a woman's prerogative :-) ). The show is fun and I'll definitely be watching every Saturday night - it's my midnight thing!
Sharon P., Eastern PA

Favourite Saturday/Sunday show.
Karen S., Shelbyville KY

I grew up in the Cleveland area (60's and 70's) with the finest traditions of original creature features and hosts. So glad the tradition continues.
Theo B., Toledo OH


Mr Dark is a fan. I got your channel on Roku on my smart TV, not knowing it was yours, and when you came on I was like hey... That's a Mr Dark girl. Good show!
Jason R., Texas

I was riding the ole remote control while having supper late last night (the 11th of Feb) and blundered across the last 15 minutes of your show!! I was delighted!! I was jumpin in my seat! Have you had the chance to visit with the likes of Svengoolie here in Chicago or Elvira mistress of the dark? I'm sure they'd be delighted by you!
Barry V., Illinois

We enjoy watching Horror Hotel on RetroTV in Atlanta.

I just started watching, and i love the show. It really reminds me of when I was little. Watching Elvira mistress of the dark, and count cool rider. A local TV show from the 90s,Those were the days.On Saturday nights Cheesy B movie's popcorn pizza and fun. Thanks for bringing it all back.
Michael Redic - Las Vegas, Nevada

The best part of Horror Hotel is the Queen of the Dark Lamia and her snake.  
Glenn C.

I am a huge fan of your show. Having grown up on Elvira, The Ghoul, and Big Chuck and Lil John, I am glad to have found your show now that those others are no longer shown. It is so much more fun to watch a B grade movie when it is hosted by someone with talent.
Rik M., KY

Great show! The introductory insights about the actors, directors and producers create additional perspectives when watching the films.
Tony N.

Great show reminds me of TV in the 70's. Really like Lamia
Clyde D., Pittsburgh PA

I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoy watching you and the movies on Horror Hotel on Retro TV. It is great to see some of the rarer movies that you play. The facts that you provide about the movies, the actors and crew are always very interesting. Your show is a nice end to the night; I always catch Svengoolie followed by your Horror Hotel.
John E., Emmaus PA

Another Count Cool Rider fan here in Vegas. Amazing DIY production & a very worthy Horror Hostess. Ohio skillz! Thanks a bunch for the show!
Mondo, Vegas NV

I love the show. Her tidbits about the movies are great. Her insights make the show better.
Otis J., Topeka KS

Y'all just started airing in Dallas on RetroTV, and I have to say that I dig it! I love the movie selection, and I get the same vibe that I would get back in the day when stations used to air local programming as opposed to that commercial nonsense that they do now. Thank you!!
Grant S., Dallas TX

I love it! So happy I found the channel in a Roku search. Much much better than Elviras silliness. And I am also a snake owner. Please keep up the great work.
Charles J., Tampa FL

It is inspiring that this show is constructive to the genre you present and not antagonistic or trying to ridicule and lessen the social impact. We need an intellectual upgrade. Be our teacher. In between the presentation, room for growth, skits animation or otherwise. Let’s get even more creative, inter-active and soar. Online visual Compact classroom we are the captive students. Enjoy your show, keep it up.
Mr X

Just starting watching this on 16.1 Cleveland. Love the show, make it part of my Saturday night tv watching!!!!!
James P., Cleveland OH

Had to jury rig anntenna on old t.v. But lovin' it here on the south side of Chicago!
Beau G., Chicago IL

Greetings, Lamia & colleagues. So glad to find you on my broadcast-only tv. Appreciate the movies & informative commentary.. Consider me part of your fan base & feel free to list me as a family of 12 if rating agencies inquire. All the best

Sorry Lamia, I got to watch 4 of your shows and then WNWO toledo 24 dropped RTV so we can be bored to tears watching Will Wheaton host D&D on TV ......GRRRRR Lobbying to get you back on other local channels!
Wade J., Toledo OH

Hi, I just recently started getting your show on my cable system, I love the show ,great info and great rare movies
John Eppel

Just happened to catch your show last night on Retro TV here in Philly. Your presentation of the film Blubeard was totally unique. Although I'm a fan of other TV horror hosts such as Svengoolie and Marlena Midnite, I appreciate the in-depth information about the actors and the background details on the film you present. I like your intelligent delivery. Even that interview you did with that scream queen (forget her name) was very respectful. How you were able to hold your arm out with the mic for so long while she rambled on was impressive. Looking forward to catching the show next Saturday night.
Lou - Philly

Just found it, reminds me of Dr. Shock and Bubbles. Good job
Judy S.

Nice. I like! 1st time that I have noticed it on Retro-tv 16.1 Cleveland. Pleasant & attractive hostess. Wonderful to have another local talent & programming to kick back to Horror Hotel on a Saturday eve & watching classic horror flicks. Brings back memories of my youth. I'll be tuning in on a regular basis!
Terry K, Cleveland OH

Dig the show. Old school creepy, cheers.
Jamie Smith, New Jersey

Perfect night cap for a lazy Saturday night at home watching monster movies on TV. The best part, this show doesn't present the standard PD Horror films I'm familiar with, but rather some more obscure ones I've never had a chance to see...
Giancarlo N., Pennsylvania

Flipping channels ran across Horror Hotel on Retro and I'm glad I did since it's scary good fun. So do yourself a favor and check in or is that check out the Horror Hotel you won't be sorry. It's nice to see fresh blood doing the horror host gigs and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you. As for me ill be turning in to watch you grow and also be checking out the horror con later this year.
Eric Hendrie, MI

The shows are worth your time. She (Lamia) has always found some fun nuggets of info about each movie that I haven't found before.
Nick's Creature Features

I love this show!
Mark L, Lansing MI

For what seems like forever, all we've had here on Saturday nights was Svengoolie (whom I cannot stand). So I was very happy to see Horror Hotel for the first time last night - stumbled upon the show quite by accident. Another thing: when I see a movie that I enjoy, I always go to to look up the trivia notes. So I'm glad that Lamia is more interested in being informative than trying to be funny. And I agree with her that the classics never go out of style. (bursts into song) Gather around for a minute or two / and I'll admit something to you / I get a treat when women look sinister / Call me superficial / But I stare at them vampire girls...
Edward Wood, Henderson, NV

You have a great show. Don't let it go off air please. You're the best.
Roku viewer, Orlando FL

Here in Las Vegas all we had was The Sinister Minister (off the air) and Svengoolie (whom I cannot stand). So when I stumbled upon Horror Hotel, it was like an oasis in the desert.
Lamia isn't like all the other horror hosts. She is hot & sexy, but doesn't come on too strong. And I love that she is informative, and doesn't try to be funny. Usually friendly, but occasionally her mean streak appears - "We'll take a quick break, so don't go anywhere... I MEAN IT! DON'T GO ANYWHERE!" She begins the movie with an introduction of trivia facts - I thought I knew a thing or two, but every time I am surprised to learn something new. Even the movies others have shown a dozen times - well, as she says herself, "You might have seen this one before, but you haven't seen it with me..." So shut the windows, lock the doors, put out the lights (except maybe one candle) and cuddle up with Lamia on Sunday night... if you dare...
Viewer in Las Vegas NV

Just ran across your show on RETRO. LOVE IT. THANKYAVERYMUCH!
RETRO. LOVE IT. I hope they keep them coming. Love classic retro movies. And...You are much cuter than Svengoolie!
John Chester, Ohio

I like Elvira, but she doesn't hold a "bite" to you! You do a real good job. I watch Horror Hotel on Roku, I love watching Lamia. Best Queen of the Dark EVER!!
Kevin Shikles - Tipton, Missouri

This show is "THE" hottest "new" thing airing right now nationally on Roku! This, although the show is not new, is pretty amazing news to see because now more viewers can enjoy the show(s). The producer & host, Lamia, played by Kristina Michelle of Northeast Ohio does a brilliant job. Very cool venue and way the shows are performed. I have seen this young lady in other things and she never ceases to amaze me. Audiences love her & I think you will too. She has a great energy she brings to the show, getting these cool movies on air.And if you like snakes, you will love her Lilleth, just freaky! Thumbs up for a show well produced & performed.
Esther, Ohio

Best #MidnightMovie host these days is Lamia, Queen of The Dark, found on the Retro TV channel #HorrorHotel
Pat Stevenson

I've always loved shows like this, so it's great to see a bigger resurgence of them in recent years. Horror Hotel has a fun, well- informed host, an entertaining crew and good pick of horror movies. I also enjoy the horror interviews and more of a movie discussion, which add more to the show. It's nice to hear more about the movies than just picking them apart. I really enjoy it and think it's at the top of current horror host shows available. Definitely worth watching if you enjoy the throwback of old horror movies.
Susan Massey, KY

Just checked Horror Hotel out on Retro TV tonight... Good stuff!
Dennis Moore, Missouri

I am really enjoying Horror Hotel on Reel TV. I wish it was on cable in my city! I know it's on air in some cities right now - would love to see it branch out more so I can watch it on my TV. Lamia is a great horror host! I think even better than the likes of Elvira since she gives more info on what we're watching and the show isn't so hokey. Love the snakes and zombies. Maybe have some vampires make cameos in the future? Vampire AND zombie crew? That would be Awesome! I like the old horror flicks - have seen some I hadn't before. Would like to see some more indie films on the show though, since they're usually all original and haven't been seen by many folks but their movie choices have been solid so far. Those two suggestions above don't mark down my rating, because this show is a gem. TV stations, take note, 'cause this show will definitely be a hit and should be seen by more people. Lamia, I will see you at "Horror Hotel" in June! Big fan.
Sara K., Ohio

Good job on picking up Horror Hotel!   Always up for a good horror movie host!
John Lawton, Michigan

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