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See some of the best Indie Horror and Sci-Fi films!

Friday, June 6th (6pm-Midnight)

6:00PM - 6:15PM

Short Foreign Horror,


Pablo is going to an important business meeting. Absent-minded and talking on the phone, he realizes that he has lost his way. The car engine stops. From there on, nothing will be the same for him.

6:30PM - 6:55PM

Short Sci-Fi,

“The Only Man”

The story chronicles the last days of a man - victim of an epidemic that has turned mankind into degenerate beings void of consciousness; trying to keep his sanity he fights alone against the disease. Though strong in his will to overcome it, he will fall victim before he is aware of it.

7:10PM – 7:30PM

Short Horror-Comedy,

“'Til Death”

Four unhappily married husbands wake up to a gruesome surprise the night after killing each others' wives.

7:45PM - 8:00PM

Short Sci-Fi,


An exhausted man walks through the desert. The sun seems to melt the image. The man can barely walk, exhausted, hungry and thirsty. Defeated, he is about to give up. But between the heat and blazing sun on the horizon in the distance, he catches the glimpse of a hotel.


Short Horror-Comedy,


A quiet night at the library turns deadly when a librarian accidentally unleashes demonic forces from a strange book.


Feature Horror,

“Abram's Hand”

Seven friends fight to escape a violent death and struggle with the knowledge that their death' might be punishment from the hand of God.


Short Horror-Comedy,

“Zombie Casserole”

The zombie apocalypse came and went. It was a nonevent. Now the undead are having a hard time trying to fit into society. Wally is an anti-zombie bigot who doesn't think they deserve anything but a swift burial. He's forced to face the object of his hatred head on when he gets an unwelcome surprise while hosting a family dinner.

11:20PM -11:40PM

Short Foreign Slasher,

“The Crimes of All Hallows' Day”

Legendary filmmaker Antonio Isasi presents us the Crimes of All Hallows' Day, which took place in Ibiza in the 50s and 60s.


Saturday, June 7th  (11am-Midnight) - Screening Room A


Short Other,


Camilla, trapped in her sadness, discovers Lara, an escape from her monotony and docile reality and drags her into an unexpected and confusing new world, the world of Lara, that will slowly alter/break her reality.


Short Horror-Comedy,

“Curiosity Kills”

A boy plays with radioactive chemicals. As a result, his pet rat ends up attacking his family. Curiosity kills!


Short Other,

“Alicia en el Paraíso Natural”

Alicia is a stripper at the Wonderland Club, but tonight will not be like the rest. Tonight, she will be caught between two men confronted by the mirror of the law: a cop with a thirst for revenge and a senior member of the mafia, ready to put an end to it once and for all.


Short Foreign Horror-Comedy,

“Not Funny”

Manolo and Maria. They are in love and live together. Manolo likes to play practical jokes. Maria has a lot of patience and good sense of humour. Manolo doesn't know that to make a joke, one has to assume all the consequences.


Short Horror,

“The Acrobat”

Every forty seconds a person commits suicide in the world. The acrobat is the story of one of them.


Short Foreign Horror-Comedy,


Octave and Melody two dissipated students decide out of challenge to get locked in the library. But they still don't know yet that silence should be respected even at night time…


Short Horror,

“Where's Carolyn?”

Two friends go in search of an urban legend armed only with a video camera. They are never seen again but their footage was found.


Feature Horror,

“Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley”

Serial killer Wayne Montgomery committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007, leaving behind an extensive library of his life's work. Now, a new generation carries on Wayne's legacy in a terrifying world where rules do not apply. Take a trip through the mind of one of history's most prolific serial killers - and his devoted followers who are out for blood.


Short Horror,

“Crawford: Zone 3: Tape 1”

A group of researchers looking to prove the existence of Bigfoot venture out to a known hot spot of recent sightings only to find more proof than they ever thought was possible.


6:25PM - 7:00PM

Best of the 48 Hour Cleveland Horror Project

-"Uncivilized Servant"

-"Undead Fred"

-"Modus Operandi"

-"Expotential Crisis"

-"Spirit House"


Feature Horror,

"Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan"

Young adults at a first-time offenders' boot camp discover the legend of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan is real, but is much more horrifying than they could have imagined.


Feature Horror,

“Night of the Living Dead”

A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.


Short Horror,

“Where the Fear”

Lost in the woods, the unknown. This is where the fear will find you.

Saturday, June 7th  (11am-Midnight) - Screening Room B


Short Other,


White trash go crazy in Asia.


Short Sci-Fi,

“They Came Through the Attic”




Short Foreign Horror,

“Dieu reconnaîtra les Siens”

An evening in august 1975. In an isolated house, somewhere in the french countryside, a couple and their two children are going about their own business. Nothing peculiar, apart from the fever that the youngest daughter is suffering from. But the radio is now broadcasting an alarming message.


Short Foreign Horror-Comedy,

“Lenador y la Mujer America”

Zoe is the perfect girl. Everyone loves her at school, she has a great boyfriend and is presented with reelection as class president. But soon, "Lumberjack" makes her ideal life come apart.


Feature Horror (Foreign),

“Seuls a Bord”

Capra is an insurance salesman. One day after an attack he meets an unknown woman who came to his rescue. He picks her up hitchhiking and is convinced that this encounter was meant to be. He decides to follow her; even if he has to look death in the eyes to do so... From very close by...


Short Foreign Sci-Fi,

Edificio Ural”

Alex faces his first day of work as a security guard of the building Ural. The job seems simple, but we soon discover otherwise. What is presented as a peaceful night ends up becoming a nightmare for Alex, who will be caught in the worst day of his life.


Short Horror,

Safe Place”

When the dead have risen, there is no SAFE PLACE to hide. Four survivors of a zombie attack take refuge in what appears to be an abandoned house, but appearances can be deceiving.....and Deadly.


Short Horror-Comedy,

“The Black Box”

A down on their luck couple are confronted by a mysterious man in black who offers them a way out of their financial troubles, but at what price?


Short Foreign Horror-Comedy,


Eusebia spends her free time with her friends and sewing rag dolls. After a series of events, she discovers that she is able to channel her aggression in the most unexpected way ...


Short Foreign Sci-Fi,

“Lost in the Past”

When your past horrifies you to such an extent that you live a nightmare even with eyes wide open, you go deliriously insane.



Short Foreign Horror,


Marta is a war photographer. She and her husband Renato, live in the country, away from everything. During a quiet picnic, Renato suffers a disturbing accident but Marta does not interfere, taking a picture of the moment instead.


Horror TV Episode,

“Horror Hotel”

Do you love all things dark and disturbing? Horror Hotel features the queen of the night, Lamia, who will bring you the best horror movies you have yet to see. You'll find out more about the movies, the people involved in making them and all of their horrifying stories.



Sunday, June 8th (11am-6pm) - Screening Room A


Short Foreign Horror,


Two priests play a twisted game of torture.


Short Other,

“Lucky Day”

Jihun spends every night drinking and trying to find a girl. When he meets Gyeongmi and does something terrible, his life is forever changed.


Micro/Trailer Film Block


-“Attack of the Killer Bees”

-“Having a Shower”


-“Masheenee Alcketiara”

-“The Party”



Sci-Fi Web Episode,


First series wepisode where The Doctor must try to stop a dimension takeover.


Feature Horror,

“Murder Machine”

A psychopath, obsessed with becoming the real-life embodiment of a fictional killer from a series of Hollywood slasher films, terrorizes a small town in an elaborate scheme designed to force the series' original star, now a town sheriff, into a deadly duel. What will it take to defeat ultimate evil? An even greater evil? The victor of the bloody showdown earns the title of...MURDER MACHINE!



Feature Horror,

“Krampus: The Christmas Devil”

Jeremy, a local police officer, leads a life of a confusing past, spending his current time searching for his kidnapper as a child. After other children begin missing, Jeremy pieces together the truth and realizes that his childhood kidnapper could be a creature of ancient yuletide lore, Krampus, who is the brother of St. Nick, and punisher of children who perform acts of unspeakable evil without repercussion. Can Jeremy kill Krampus and prevent more missing children?




Sunday, June 8th (11am-6pm) - Screening Room B


Feature Horror (Foreign),


How will you respond to what comes to you? What will be the REACTION...?


Short Horror,

“A Typical Night”

This is a new Luna Pier short featuring the vampire, Amy Savant nd a few other regulars from the series. It takes place before Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper, but it sets up a story line that will take place AFTER Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper.



Short Sci-Fi,


Whenever Lothar sneezes things happen to explode. To protect the world he locks himself into a subterranean home isolated from the outer world. One day an accident happens. Despite of all the care taken he breaks his beloved toaster. The broken toaster compels him to leave his residence. Shortly after taking the risk Lothar runs the world into great danger.


Short Foreign Horror,

“Zona de Caza”

A girl is about to have the worst night of her life.


Short Foreign Horror,

“Behind the Bush”

Humiliation and violence punctuate the life of this broken man. The silence is his refuge; the perversion his outlet...

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