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See some of the best Indie Horror and Sci-Fi films!

Friday, June 5th, 2015 - Screening Room A

 Click on film poster to see trailer.



 “El Resto el Silencio”
Short Foreign Sci-Fi

In the near future, Will is a famous photographer who feels his direction is lost. He's been years without using the camera, because the computers have supplanted the artists. With the appearance of Helena, a mysterious graffiti artist chased by the justice, he'll live a revolution that could change the world.


48HFP Horror:
Top 2014 Films

-"Mind Over Manners"


-"Forever Happy"



Feature Suspense-Thriller

Frank Walker lived alone. He had no job. No friends. No girlfriend. Then Charlie came along and everything changed.



Short Slasher

The ghost of 10-year-old Yvonne LeMay has been tethered to the trunk of a 1950 Fleetline Deluxe for over half a century. Uprooted from a rural setting, the change in car ownership doesn't sit well with her as she is displaced and relocated to a mechanic's clubhouse in the city. Ultimately frustrated with her new digs, she throws a temper tantrum that proves deadly for the resident gearheads.



Short Suspense-Thriller

Terry is a psychologically disturbed predator whose sinister playground is a laundromat.



Short Horror

In World War 2, a commando raid into occupied territory uncovers a terrible secret. The sole survivor, his mind shattered, remembers nothing. But the British government want to know the truth, whatever the cost.


What's in the Dark?”

Short Horror-Comedy

Everyone knows reality shows aren't real. That is exactly what the seasoned crew of "Hillbilly Hellcreatures" thought... until one night... everything changed.


The Other Side”

Feature Horror

A man searches for his wife and protects his daughter during the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.


Saturday, June 6th - Screening Room A


Caedes: Die Lichtung des Todes”

Feature Foreign

Dan and his three friends go camping in a forest. After a wild night of drinking, it comes to a rude awakening! Panic and hysteria spreading. A young woman is bitten by a camper with bare teeth. Totally confused and in pure fear, they try to find refuge in the forest.


Hinckley's Drop”

Short Horror

Samuel Marston visits a coastal town following the death of his wife. However, his break turns into a nightmare when an unsettling presence begins to haunt him.


The Collectors”


A hit man completes his job, but finds out his employer is not what she seems.


Murder Mill”

Short Slasher

Four teens break into a local abandoned mill for a night of partying. They get more than they bargained for when they discover the truth behind the legend of 'Murder Mill' and its connection to the recent town suicides.



Short Fantasy

Claudia has a very special relationship with her daughter Elia. They share a fantasy world, where they are Stela and Zina, a queen and a princess expelled from “his” kingdom.


How to Save Us”

Feature Sci-Fi

Brian's younger brother Sam goes missing in Tasmania during the middle of a mysterious quarantine. Brian must travel to the deserted island to save his brother from a land now solely inhabited by demonic spirits.



Short Foreign

For neighborhood children, Odile is "the witch." When she discovers young Max inside her house, she offers to make him invisible. A "magic" pact that will bring these two solitudes to know each other. But illusions are fragile, and the reality may come at any time .


Foreign Horror-Comedy

Joey is with his friends at a party when he sees his ex-girlfriend. He decides to talk to her and tell her he still loves her, but a giant snail interrupts them! Joey will have to do whatever it takes to get the girl of his life back.


Micro Film Block

-”Bright Light”


-”Mute Fate”

-”Strange Bedfellows”

-”The Zombie's Trip”


The Army Within”

Short Sci-Fi

On the brink of an alien invasion, childhood sweet hearts Traye and Sally are thrust into an inescapable turn of events. Now Traye has to face his biggest fears while protecting the girl he loves as she fights for her life.



Web Series

Episodes 1 & 2 of the Doctor Who fan series.


Final Project”

Feature Foreign Horror

Insane film student Kane dreams of being more superior than all the famous directors before his 26th birthday. When he learns that four celebrated directors are meeting up at his school to have a photo taken, he considers it his last chance. Kane is determined to shoot a bloody mockumentary, and things soon start spiraling out of control.



Short Horror

When Michael's wife Sara is possessed by the devil he turns to Father O'Malley, in a desperate attempt to save her soul.


Knock Knock”

Short Suspense-Thriller

Val and her friends play a game that allows them to communicate with the dead. The Knock Knock Game turns any doorway into a doorway to the hereafter but there are rules that should never be broken.


Seven Hells”

Feature Horror

Seven short films. Seven WTF ways it can all go to hell. A feature anthology of top horror shorts from around the world. It's Halloween all year 'round: Seven Hells.


Devil Makes Work”

Short Horror

The devil's twisted view of humanity.


Hyena's Blood”

Short Foreign Suspense-Thriller

Paul Kavinsky, a former police officer and now corrupt DEA, travels to Mexico to organize the cleaning of the opium fields.


La Llorona”

Short Horror

Abandoned by her mother and abused by her father, a lonesome runaway finds solace in a foreclosed home only for her sorrow to conjure the presence of 'La Llorona;' the weeping woman in white, a ghostly creature always in search of her missing children...whom she killed many years ago.


Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre”,

Feature Horror-Comedy

Christopher Shearer is making another documentary. This time about the cast and crew behind the award winning adult films of Quadruple X as they take on a new challenge: a true horror/adult film mash-up called 'The Home Cumming.' Unfortunately, someone isn't a fan of their handy work and has taken to picking off members of the team one by one.


Saturday, June 6th - Screening Room B




Feature Sci-Fi

In 7 days, Earth will have its atmosphere ripped away by a powerful coronal mass ejection. Everything we know will become nothing. Maybe it already has.


Slit Mouth Woman in LA”

Feature Slasher

Rumor of ‘Slit mouth woman’ is blasting in LA. When Clair’s friend Monica is killed, Clair sees the nightmare of her every night. She thinks her sister Sarah, who is a researcher of Japanese Urban legends, is the woman. Sarah, on the other hand, thinks that Clair is the killer.


The Working Dead”

Short Foreign

When everything is lost, a raise is the only hope.


Yo Soy Pedro”

Short Foreign Sci-Fi

Two cops meet an alien who crashes to Earth. They mistake him for an actor and decide to return him to Hollywood studios.


Loja De Repteis”

Short Foreign Suspense-Thriller

Aluisio loves the store and his animals. Cristina can not wait to sell the place.



Short Sci-Fi

In the near future, two scientists use m-theory (the physics theory that unifies all current superstring theories) to create a scientific breakthrough. But their first test starts a catastrophic chain of events and only a lone messenger can help them avoid destroying the world.



Feature Horror

Jack and Kent, two down-on-their-luck pest exterminators, venture deep into the jungles of Far North Queensland in search of a big score: the lost gold of legendary outlaw "Thunderclap" Newman, who vanished without a trace in the 1800s. But they find more than they bargained for when they encounter a Yowie, Australia's answer to Bigfoot.


Day Zero: Episode 2x5”

A lone survivor shares a secret mystery revealed about the Hybrids, as Tiras is grilled for a major mistake that could cost the survivors their lives.


Nada S.A.”

Short Fantasy

Carlos has been unemployed for years. He is desperate after failing every job interview he presents for. One day, Carlos sees an ad for a company called NOTHING Co. They are looking for a candidate who wants to get paid for nothing. Carlos gets the job, but that day will change his life forever.


Human Resources”

Feature Suspense-Thriller

When a headstrong young woman lands a new job as an executive assistant, she discovers that the skyscraper she works in is haunted by victims of the corporation's cutthroat pursuit of profit. Unable to ignore injustices embodied by the disembodied, she sets out to reveal the truth and stop her bosses before their seemingly benign business operations kill again.


Careful What You Wish For”

Short Horror

A young boy goes to the extreme when he discovers he has the power to make his wishes come true.


Beer Run”

Short Horror-Comedy

A card game goes horribly wrong when one of its players decides to go on a Beer Run.


Inner Demons”

Short Horror

Inner Demons is a commentary on suicide from a different angle.


Sin Senal”

Feature Foreign Horror

A group of professionals go to an exotic island to film a documentary about the ancient natives who lived there, but when they disembark to where they will be staying, they find that nothing goes as planned.



Short Horror-Comedy

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's stories of the occult, Spammer is the cautionary tale of an internet scam-artist whose annoying messages hook an unexpected victim. Be careful what you phish for.


The Peripheral”

Short Horror

When a patient, Kenny, shows up at her home unexpectedly, Dr. Joanna Redding attempts to help him overcome his "irrational" phobia of the creatures that he sees in his peripheral vision. Dr. Redding uses Exposure Therapy, forcing Kenny to face his fear. Of course, the creatures that terrify Kenny are very real - and very deadly. It is a horrifying discovery that Dr. Redding uncovers all too late.



Short Foreign Sci-Fi

The world as we know it’s over. In this new society full of crisis and misery, a blackout can be a declaration of war. Clara is kidnapped by the insurgent organization to force her father, a powerful politician, to restore communications and resolve the chaos.


The Portrait”

Short Horror

A young woman discovers a painting of a house in the trash. She takes it home, only to discover the terrifying truth... The portrait actually houses a Demoness that sometimes appears in the painting, staring out the window, and whoever sees her becomes her next victim!


Father Mud”

Short Horror

Sometimes our innate need to be loved and to have a place called home can be stronger than death itself. All Hell breaks loose, literally, when an abandoned foster child shows up on Mary Hall's front door.



Feature Foreign Horror

Sandra, a private investigator on maternity leave, is disturbed by her assistant Jennie to meet Olga, a Russian expat whose son is missing. Little do they know that they will have to venture into one of the most sinister stories that a little Island like Malta has to tell.

Sunday, June 7th - Screening Rooms A


Not the End”

Short Foreign Sci-Fi

David decides to once again relive the day he met Nina.


Territorial Behavior”

Feature Suspense-Thriller

Bailey Rhodes ventures into a remote area of Montana to shoot a wilderness video, only to come to the malicious attentions of some violent poachers who may be protecting a dark secret. However, his troubles are only beginning as he quickly realizes he may have something even more malevolent than these crazed hunters to contend with.


I Owe You”

Short Suspense-Thriller

Years after they split over a girl, a dark secret brings two best friends crashing back together in a night that could destroy them both.


Autumn Harvest”

Short Slasher

A grieving fisherman attempts suicide after the recent loss of his wife. But before he can end his life,he is interrupted by a mysterious creature from the sea. He is offered a chance to win back his lost love and agrees to a Faustian bargain. But before he can claim his prize he must perform a number of bloody deeds.



Short Foreign Suspense-Thriller

A lonely man starts to believe he’s part of an experiment when he finds out his annoying neighbor and some strange phone calls are connected to someone named Dr. Vargas.



Short Sci-Fi

On the eve of a rebel uprising in a dystopian underground society, one miner finds the key to freedom and attempts to escape before the hostile government kills him first.


Devil You Know”

Short Horror-Comedy

When Claire Fields' father sells his soul to save her life, she brings a man named Stan Stein on a journey to the underworld to get him back. But in the depths of hell, who can trust anyone.


Music Video Block

-“Comportamiento Bipolar”

-“Springwood: Shots on Me”


Short Film Block:



-“Cantata in C Major”



Blood Riders: The Devil Rides With Us”

Feature Horror-Comedy

Blood Riders is a blood soaked adventure comedy about 4 young friends who stumble upon a body after stealing a car. That discovery pushes the friends on a road trip around town during which they try get rid of the increasing amount of corpses. Along their wild ride the kids encounter neo-Nazis, punk artists, devil worshipers and a plan to resurrect Hitler.

Sunday, June 7th - Screening Rooms B



No One Lives Forever”

Feature Sci-Fi

When a top alien assassin defects and leaves the realm called The Magnate, the leaders fear destruction of their civilization and are forced to make desperate choices.


Boarding House”

Short Horror

Boarding House is a chilling tale about a pregnant young woman from the 1930s who seeks refuge in a remote boarding house. She thinks she’s safe until the inhabitants and events become increasingly bizarre, transcending reality and time and putting her unborn child in danger.


Short Film Block:


-“Twenty Forty-Three”

-“The Birthing Field”

-“The Gig at Helmswood”

-“Dark Planet”


Cuestion de Suerte”

Short Fantasy

Destiny seems to have an easy job to do. But humans are so complicated...


Short Film Block:

Foreign Horror


-“Te Escucho”


-“La Furia de Los Muertas”


Dorchester's Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head”

Feature Slasher

A group of college students researching the infamous killer Dorchester Stewart, aka Crinoline Head, return to the scene where horrific murders took place in 1996. Trying to complete a history assignment on local legends, the students were hoping to get answers but find something more terrifying.



Short Foreign Suspense-Thriller

An old man is passionate about tattoo art for a personal vendetta.


Out door screening with custom car show Coming Soon!

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