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Show Schedule

Retro TV - Sat nights

Eastern Time:
Saturday at midnight
Central Time: Saturday at 11pm
Mountain Time: Sundays from 1am
Pacific Time: Saturday at midnight

Channel 16.1 in Cleveland is now 35.1

Retro current affiliates

September 4: Attack of the Giant Leeches (NEW)
September 11: The She Beast (1966)
September 18: The Screaming Skull (NEW VERSION)
September 25: Scarlet Street

Retro Live Online Streaming
Watch our newest show 4 times a week
Watch Live streaming here
All shows are EST

Saturday Midnight
Sunday 6 AM
Sunday Noon
Sunday 6 PM

The Action Channel
Sat at Midnight & Sun at 10 PM EST

This schedule is for SUNDAYS. Saturdays are all older shows / repeats, set by the station.

September 5: Attack of the Giant Leeches (NEW)
September 12: The She Beast (1966)
September 19: The Screaming Skull (NEW VERSION)
September 26: Scarlet Street

100 episodes are available for FREE in HD
Just search Horror Hotel on your ROKU
and download our channel!

The Roku Guide picks the top 3 horror movie
channels to watch for Halloween 2018 & 2019
naming "Horror Hotel" among the three!

Our ROKU schedule follows the RETRO schedule, found above.

Monster Channel

Friday 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM
Monday 10 PM

View the Monster Channel here.

Sep 3: Scarlet Street
Sep 10: Hands of a Stranger
Sep 17: Scared Stiff
Sep 24: Attack of the Giant Leeches

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