2014 - Horror Hotel

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Horror Hotel 2014 Award Winners

Best Awards

Best Overall Film: The Acrobat
Best Overall Script: The Babysitter Murders
Best Genre Scripts - Winners of Movie Outline 3.0
Best Horror: Seeing Red
Best Horror-Comedy: Vlad the Inhaler
Best Slasher: The Babysitter Murders
Best Sci-Fi: Mark of the Seer

Viewer's Choice Award: They Came Through the Attic

Horror Hotel 2014 Scream Queen: Kayla Krafcik

Overall FX Makeup Winner: Daniel Blain Click

Sci-Fi FX Competition Winners:

1. Daniel Blain Click
2. Dan Overton
3. Shawn Sterba

Horror FX Competition Winners:

1. Daniel Blain Click
2. Shawn Sterba
3. Dan Overton

Film Scoring

1. Roza Bidar
2. Darshan Shah
3. Ramin Bidar / Benham Bahram
4. Javier Tavares
5. Paolo Granata
6. Raul Carreria
7. FilmBeats
8. Alyson Whitman
9. Jonathan Michaels
10. Cierra C.


Horror Feature

1. Abram's Hand
2. Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley
3. Krampus: The Christmas Devil
4. Seuls a Bord

Horror Short

1. Where's Carolyn?
2. Crawford: Zone 3: Tape 1
3. Where the Fear
4. A Typical Night

Horror Short - Foreign

1. The Acrobat
2. Transit
3. Dieu reconnaitra les Siens
4. Eslabon

Slasher Short

1. The Crimes of All Hallows' Day

Horror Comedy Short

1. 'Til Death
2. Cover
3. Curiosity Kills
4. Zombie Casserole

Horror Comedy Short - Foreign

1. Silence
2. Not Funny
3. Eusebia
4. Lenador y la Mujer America

Sci-Fi Short

1. Lothar
2. The Only Man
3. Hotel
4. Attack of the Killer Bees

Sci-Fi Short - Foreign

1. Edificio Ural
2. Lost in the Past


1. Lucky Day
2. Alicia En El Paraiso Natural
3. EXpatZ
4. Lara/Camilla

Micro Films

1. Daddy
2. Gravis
3. Having a Shower


1. Alex
2. The Party

Music Videos

1. Masheenee Alcketiara

Honorable Mentions

A Helping Hand
Behind the Bush
Dark Tenent
Safe Place
The Black Box
They Came Through the Attic
Tick Tock
Zona de Caza


Horror Feature

1. Seeing Red
2. Monsters Among Men
3. HeX
4. Uncertain Circle

Horror Comedy Feature

1. Vlad the Inhaler

Slasher Feature

1. The Babysitter Murders

Horror Short

1. Blinder
2. Demon Secret
3. The Boy Upstairs
4. For the Time Being

Horror-Comedy Short

1. 13
2. Rest Area

Sci-Fi Short

1. The Mark of the Seer
2. The Visit
3. No Cigarettes in Space

Honorable Mentions

Blue Room
The Madness

*Awards are given to submissions which receive a score of 85.0 or higher from the panel of judges. Submissions scored lower than 85.0 are not selected for award.

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