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Horror Hotel Poetry
by Lynn Stivers

Another Halloween looms on the stygian horizon,
Phantasms ride in on October's chill winds...
The Season of Death wraps it's cold arms about us,
Invoking bone-chilling spasms without and within;
Laughing Jack O' Lanterns aglow pierce the darkness,
As shadows dance tauntingly on the leaf-covered ground--
These direful nights render hauntings and frights,
With ghosts and monsters lurking all around.
Though for many, this ghoulish holiday is unsettling,
Filled with all manner of fiends who bedevil...
We children of Lamia, the Queen of the Dark,
Mirthfully flock to the Horror Hotel Halloween Special!

The winds blow, now, across the land,
Touching all in the vast expanse,
As another Saturday's promise lies near at hand
When nightfall, once more, reigns...
Then, as the powers of darkness rise,
Our enamoured hearts, once more, apprised
Of the approaching hour of sweet midnight,
Shall break free of their mundane chains.
Empowered by she whose weekly call
Beckons her minions, one and all,
To her deathly abode, where happily enthralled,
We share in the fun and games;
And tonight, when all is done and said,
We'll visit "The Crypt of the Living Dead",
Embracing the realms where vampires tread,
As Queen Lamia entertains!

All across the great USA,
The weekend is in full swing;
Another Saturday's come our way,
Diversion and rest to bring.
The Midsummer sun shines brightly,
'Lest storms loom where one dwells--
Either way, tonight's the night
We return to Horror Hotel.
So, be the weather fair or foul,
We can all take joyous stock...
In the fact that soon we'll learn
All about "The Hands of Orlac".

Saturday is back again,
And soon we all shall go
Once more, to the halls of Horror Hotel
To enjoy our favourite show.
Our lovely Queen Lamia will call,
Weaving her weekly spell...
When the darkness of midnight arrives,
And the clock, once more, strikes twelve.
Tonight we'll visit a swinging place,
Filled with cool cats in hipster duds...
But, when a new artist makes the scene,
He'll be bringing a "Bucket of Blood"!

The heart of the weekend brings welcome release
From the grip of the workday grind,
As we embrace another two days of recreation and rest,
Giving a break to our bodies and minds;
Yet, beyond this surcease of our toil and labour,
In the glow of our Saturday afternoon
We know just as sure as the darkness will fall,
We'll be back at Horror Hotel very soon.
Our beloved Lamia will call to us through
The soft Summer mists, thick and balmy...
And tonight we'll partake of an exceptional treat
As she brings us the classic, "White Zombie".
Welcome Back to Horror Hotel, for more Communion with the Queen of the Dark!!! (And tonight, LUGOSI as well!)

Saturday afternoon shadows grow,
Presaging our weekly jaunt--
Back to the place we dearly love,
To delight in our weekend haunts;
As the Queen of the Dark greets us again
With a lurid tale to tell,
And entertain us with the spooky antics
Of the staff at Horror Hotel.
Tonight, the shipwrecked victims
On an island, with survival their aim,
Will find themselves unwilling pawns
As they endure "The Most Dangerous Game".
Another Happy Lamia Night to All!!!

Early Summer breezes blow,
Beckoning to those who know,
The "Night Tide" shadows soon shall grow,
And carry us away...
For Saturday's returned at last,
Lamia's spell, again, is cast
With haunting allure that's unsurpassed,
For all her willing prey.
Come midnight, by her will propelled,
We'll all join her at Horror Hotel,
Where a seaside mystery impels
Her minions to remain;
To find out if a mermaid's reach
Extends beyond the salty sea--
Alas, communion with our lovely Queen
Is the true point of our soiree.
Lamia Night Again, At Last!!!

Derby Day in Old Kentucky
Brings gladsome tradition galore,
With horse races, pomp, and circumstance,
Delicious food, mint juleps, and more;
The most exciting two minutes in sports is fine,
An occasion of which we're most proud...
A rich competition and a stellar bash
For which the Bluegrass State is renowned.
Alas, beyond all this glory,
Once the daylight begins to fade,
An even more cherished gala awaits,
Hauntingly wondrous and staid--
Lamia shall beckon our very souls
To make haste in our weekly endeavour,
For it's Saturday night, off to Horror Hotel,
Where we'll eagerly succumb to "The Terror"!
Happy Derby and Happy Lamia Night!!!

The passage of time brings us, once again,
To the day we await each week--
Another span of labouring lies behind us now,
As these hours of repose we greet;
And Saturday brings far more than mere rest,
Or pursuit of our personal wants...
For, with the nightfall, we'll each feel the charge
To acquiesce to our predestined jaunt.
Nocturnal mists shall soon arise
As we feel Erebus' embrace,
Heeding the call of the Queen of the Dark,
Forsaking the mundane world's constraints--
Blissfully enrapt by Lamia's azure gaze,
Back to Horror Hotel we'll flock
To commune with the one we so adore,
And endure a cinematic "Shock".
Welcome to Another Lamia Night, Everyone!

Welcome, O' sweet Lamia Night,
When phantoms rise in the misty twilight,
And we reunite at Horror Hotel
'Neath the Queen of the Dark's alluring spell;
Our senses, there, to be assailed
By another grim, bone-chilling tale...
So ladies, beware, for that shadowy stalker
May well turn out to be "The Embalmer"!
Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Seven more days and nights have passed,
Now Saturday is back, at last--
Soon the night tide shall roll in,
As we prepare to meet, again.
When the grey skies turn to black,
With joy we'll make our weekly trek,
Answering the call of the Queen of the Dark,
Our lovely vampire matriarch;
Then, from the halls of Horror Hotel,
We'll share a dark, tempestuous tale
Of witches, sorcery, and hysteria,
Of demonic romps and wild euphoria.
And, though this feature has no sound,
We hope our friend David will stick around
To share in the fantastic, forbidden action,
As Lamia introduces us to "Haxan".

The planets align just right tonight
For visitors from the stars
To entertain the guests at Horror Hotel,
As they sojourn from afar...
In search of a suitable breeding ground
For their chosen source of food;
A mission not good for the human race,
Threatening a fate they must elude.
Alas, one visitor elects to save
His newfound human friends--
Come midnight, the Queen of the Dark will show
Who triumphs in the end,
As we prepare to meet once more, and
Share the reverie we embrace
When our beautiful Lamia brings us
"Teenagers From Outer Space".
Welcome Back to Horror Hotel and Lamia Night!

The day grows short as darkness looms,
On this most welcome Saturday night;
Another long week has come and gone,
As we await the hour of midnight.
Outside my window, the sunlight fades...
A soft voice whispers in the wind,
'Tis the call of our lovely Queen of the Dark,
Beckoning us to join her again.
It's a wonderful occasion for a haunting
And for murder, as we'll soon find out--
For this evening Lamia shall direct us to greet
"The Ghosts of Hanley House".

Saturday returns, once more,
With Autumn in the wind...
The Summer days are growing short,
As the falling leaves portend;
And soon, we know, the night will fall,
For the light must take its' rest--
Then, when we greet the stroke of twelve,
We'll be back with the one we love best.
The Queen of the Dark will summon us all
Again to Horror Hotel,
That delightfully macabre resort
Where all ilk of monsters dwell.
Tonight we'll meet "The Thirteenth Guest",
Yet there will be more to savour...
For we'll be treated to another run
Of "Lamia: The Zombie Slayer"!
Welcome back, everyone-- it's Lamia Night at last!!!

Saturday's back, on an afternoon so bright,
As we embrace the pleasantries of our weekend respite
With cookouts and shopping, and idle delights,
But the real fun will find us come the hour of midnight;
'Tis then we'll regroup in our salient cartel,
And happily fall under Lamia's ever-alluring spell--
Journeying through the airwaves from wherever we dwell
To, once more, join our Queen there at Horror Hotel...
Through the cemetery, to the spectral edifice we'll arrive
For more of the frights upon which we each thrive,
And perhaps share a laugh or two at Li'l Zombie's jive,
When we'll all get a scare from the "Devil Times Five".
Welcome back to the gang who know how to share frights,
Along with beauty and fun every Saturday night!

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