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2 years running - Horror Hotel!


She is as frightening as she is lovely. She is Lamia: Queen of the Dark and the host of Horror Hotel. Keeping alive the long tradition of TV horror hosts, Lamia each week intros classic horror movies to viewers all over the USA. I look forward to watching the show Saturday nights at midnight for a long time to come.
Blood Moon Rising Magazine

Retro TV might not be as well known as classic TV giant ME TV, but for horror buffs the network is a smorgasbord of spooky delights. Retro TV is home to three–count ’em–three hosted horror movie shows. Off Beat Cinema is followed at midnight by Horror Hotel. Hosted by the buxom Lamia who comes to you direct from her own chamber of horrors, Lamia brings her own favorite choices in shlock horror and underground cinema to the screen. (Blog)

Horror Hotel is great. Lamia continues the great tradition of Horror Hosts in the tradition of an Elvira or Vampira or even Ghoulardi. She gives factoids about the movie and its production as well as mixing in fun bits during breaks in the film. So give Horror Hotel a look and check it out.
Raving Lunatic Media

This is sooo thrilling that Horror Hotel has TWO nights each weekend now!! Congratulations!
Mike & Patricia, Station Owners, KRFT LD-TV8 (Springfield, Missouri)

I just discovered Horror Hotel and I love it so much. Thank you for doing what you do. It is 1000 times better than Elvira ever was. I always hated Elvira. I found her character just completely annoying. Your show, however, has a combination of sexy and humor and information about the movie that is just perfect. I love the way Lamia is bitchy and short-tempered with her cohorts. It's hilarious (and kinda sexy). I wish I got the show more. Unfortunately I only get it once a week because it is pre-empted on Fri. nights for a news rebroadcast! Anyway, I felt compelled to let you know that I think your show is just dynamite. I hope you stay on the air for years to come. You deserve much success. Your hard works shows.

Saw your booth at Ghoulardifest. I finally caught your show on Spectrum. Keep up the great work. I really enjoyed it.
Jeff K., Cleveland OH

I love it. Off the track seldom seen movies. Lamia is awesome!
Danny W, California

Saw you on Retro TV last night for the first time. First time watching Svengali with my old man. We both give you thumbs up.
Paul F.

Just watched the movie "The Embalmer" last night. Recorded it this past Sunday 16th. My 82 year old mother and I enjoyed it. This was a rather interesting film. We tried to guess the killer while watching this movie, but we could not solve this mystery. Enjoy watching Horror Hotel movies weekly. Also, like Lamia, she seems like a nice young lady.
M. Lunsford

Horror Hotel has great movies and a cool host, the lady Vampire, Lamia. She is very knowledgeable about the movies she shows on the program.
Audie A., St Louis MO

She is easy on the eyes and very knowledgeable about the movies.
Eric P.

Just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know how much I enjoy your program, Saturday Night, Midnight on WFMZ Retro TV 69.4 in the Philadelphia area.  I'm 71, and still remember the first TV horror host, Roland (John Zacherle).  I was 10 years old in 1957 when he appeared locally, and I got an autographed photo AND got to shake his hand  and meet him personally.  I also remember Elvira and also Dr Shock, both TV horror hosts, over the following 2 decades from 1957.  Lamia brings back many fond memories of stuffing a blanket under my door, so my parents wouldn't see the glow of the TV screen, as i enjoyed the horror movies I loved.  Saturday night was never the same without them.  Thank you to Lamia for bringing back those fond memories.  I like that she researches the movies we see.  I love the historical approach, and have learned many new things about the movies she hosts. Keep up the great work.  I look forward to Saturday nights , just as I did in 1957.
Robert M, WFMZ Retro TV 69.4 in the Philadelphia area

This is my new favorite show.
Blaise S., Royal Oak MI

I really enjoy the show. There have been other vampire hosts but it’s great to see that you make this character your own.  The humor is good without getting too goofy and the info is great about each show.  Keep up the good work, we’ll keep watching!
Vince D.

Just stumbled across you on (Lamia is) Smart, funny, can kick some butt, pretty, and sexy as hell.
Don W.

I love the show (and of course Lamia) and really enjoy the rare classic horror movies. She has great taste in these old classics that a lot of people don't appreciate!
Tom P.

Horror Hotel and Lamia have become the staple of our family Saturday nights.  My generation grew up on the Cool Ghoul, the Fear Monger, Paul E. Bearer, etc., and later Elvira, but (with all due respect) none compare to Lamia.  Beautiful, witty, and fun, she covers both nostalgia and a present day return to classic fun, at a time when life was, in so many ways, still magickal.  Thanks for bringing back the joy of the Saturday night TV spook show. This show is, in my humble opinion, the best of it's kind I've ever seen. Colourful, clever, and campy as the classic hosted horror shows were, loads of fun, and family oriented, something we don't see much in this day and age. I could be equally at ease watching HH with small children or my 85-year-old mother. And this is the one TV show our family gears up for all week long, we love it that much. We love you!
Lynn S, Kentucky

I love Horror Hotel!
Caroline P., Denver CO

I'm glad Roku offers the Horror Hotel stream. It's great to get film facts from Lamia during the show : it's like TCM for Horror Fans!
Michael H., New York

Just wanted to say I love Horror Hotel. I watch it here in Dalton GA. Anyways you're doing a great job and love watching you every weekend.
Allen O., Georgia

You are gorgeous! And your show is amazing. I enjoy watching you talk between commercials and the movie. You have excellent taste in scary movies!!!
Sean W., California

Been a fan since i was able to get retro tv. Long time fan of hosted tv horror movies---i'm 70--i used to watch morgus sir graves ghastly, the ghoul anything i could get in my area. Love your program . It helps keep my saturday late night horror movie habit alive. Much thanks to you and your crew.
Amos H.

Love your show. This is the way we watched horror movies in the 60s and 70s.
Doug S., Long Beach CA

She is as frightening as she is lovely. She is Lamia: Queen of the Dark and the host of Horror Hotel. Keeping alive the long tradition of TV horror hosts, Lamia each week intros classic horror movies to viewers all over the USA. As a fan of her show myself, I wanted to talk with her about both the Horror Hotel TV series and their horror convention that runs every June. The following is my conversation with this horror fan that not only knows her subject but loves the genre as much as I do. Read More...
AL J. Vermette, Publisher - Blood Moon Rising Magazine

Your show is awesome.
Jeanette C.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Horror Hotel! Learn something new about each movie every week. Thank you, Lamia! YOU ROCK!
Tony L.

Hello, Horror fans. How I love Horror hosts, tonight I decided to watch Horror Hotel, with the lovely host Lamia: Queen of the Dark. But if you haven't seen Lamia: Queen of the Dark and her Horror Hotel, check her out she a very cool horror host with some cool movies she hosts. I found her on my Roku and downloaded the app, it's a fun time. But don't take my word for it, look for her. You may find something you like.
Steve( The Horror Obese) Saturnight Frights

Your show is the best, never stop doing the show. I enjoy it very much.
Peter B.

Began to watch the Horror Hotel channel on Roku and I absolutely love it. I find very relaxing and a great way to unwind at the end of the day.
Lee R.

Just started streaming you guys.  I dig it..  and it's from Cleveland. Awesome! Grew up in Mentor. You have a new fan.
Julie M., Chesapeake VA

I'm from Bill Cardille land. I love your show. And the historical anecdotes about the making of the films. It humanizes them, and makes filmmaking an accessible thing. Well done!

Timothy A., West View PA

Channel surfing last night and came across this on Action TV. Love it! Gonna check my local listings, so I don't miss any!
Ernie M., California

Recently discovered your show on some new digitally aired channels made available in our area (Retro TV and the Action Channel). Really enjoy the commentary, skits, etc. They put me in mind of when I was growing up in the shadow of The Big Chuck and Hoolihan Show in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Looking forward to viewing your continued broadcasts. Keep up the good work!
Mark S., Greenville SC

I caught your show on The Action Channel. Awesome. Great show.
Andy P.

Love your show.
G. Wallis, Philadelphia,Pa

I'm watching it right now. Never seen this one but it's good, and the hostess is awesome. Keep up the good work.
Rene'e A., Phoenix AZ

Hi, I live in Las Vegas, NV. I LOVE your show!! I watch you faithfully every Saturday and Sunday nights.
R Schneider

This is a great opportunity to catch classic horror films that you wouldn't be able to watch anywhere else. "Carnival of Souls" was an excellent movie which I hadn't seen until I saw it here. It blew my mind. Don't miss this show. It's excellent!

Love the show. I've been watching on The Action Channel in Las Vegas on Cox cable.
M. Lister, NV

So glad to have found this! 1920 "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" wonderful presentation, loved the historical information and filmmaker thoughts by Lamia. Will definitely be back- thanks for carrying the torch!
Drucie M., Philadelphia PA

So glad I found Horror Hotel. Takes me back to shows like Creature Double Feature, Saturday Night Frights, and my all time favorite, Dr. Shock.
Adri'anne B.

Even though I'm not a fan of horror, I watch this show routinely because of the dedication to the genre, the nerdery and the opportunity to view films that would likely be lost to history. I routinely put on the Roku 'Horror Hotel' channel over Netlix.
Steve B., Hell MI

Hi lamia love your show so much, I love the movies you play, and your so beautiful, can't wait to see you next Sat at midnight.

I am so glad I came across your station and love the movies shown. I just got done watching House on Haunted Hill and will be watching in the future.
Tom B., California

Horror Hotel is a Awesome show! It's great that there are people out there that continue this tradition. Lamia is the perfect guest for the show, along with her casts. Lil Zombie Rules! I hope Horror Hotel continues to gain steam & success and her name & show become among the greats of this genre.
Retro Viewer

Just a quick note to say that I just discovered your channel on Roku and I'm LOVING it! I've already watched about 4 hours worth today.
Roku Viewer

I really like your commentary at the beginning of the show and the whole vibe of Horror Hotel. Kudos.
Dominic R., Los Angeles CA

I look forward to my Saturday Nites, and stay up late to watch Horror Hotel on RTV, hosted by Lamia. Young Lady, you do a great job as hostess, and... you are quite the "Eye Candy" as well. Wish I could meet you in person once, get a selfie with you. Keep at it, pretty lady... You can put the "bite" on me anytime!!!
Ray G., Kentucky

Found your show by accident several weeks ago and now wouldn't miss it for anything. Lamia is bloody beautiful! Shrieks for you all!!

Joseph L.

Lamia. your the best I was wondering if they were ever going to get a good horror host on tv and I think your that person.
Keep up the great work, maybe if they had more people like you people in horror movies and hosts of shows like yours people would take the horror genre more seriously and and give it the respect it deserves. Thanks

Doug, Vegas NV

I’m so glad I stumbled upon your channel. I love these movies. I spent my birthday weekend pretty much binge watching and snacking. I also love the in depth bios before the show. NEAT!
Monica, ROKU viewer

Intelligent commentary and goofy hijinks plus great movies.
Diane B., Warren MI

Thanks for showing Bloody Wednesday and for your closing comments. I've worked on crisis hotlines & unfortunately know our culture to be heavily judgemental and callous. Surprised you spoke up and admire that you did. It's been a difficult week for our country.
Diane P., Los Angeles CA

I really enjoy the films you’ve shown. I think you are awesome and beautiful. Big love.

So happy to find Retro-TV on channel 63-3 in the Los Angeles area so I can watch Horror Hotel! Already a fan after some research -- thank you for the inspiration to go for it, Lamia!
John W., Los Angeles CA

Lamia, you are the greatest host ever. Love the movies you show.
Shawn E.

"Just watched Horror Hotel with Lamia on my Roku player tonite. She had a great special for Halloween tonite with three shorts, and lots of fun on the set. For us at least. Seems that Lamia had a little too much excitement for her tastes. Until Lil Zombie made it right. If you don't have a Roku player, ask nicely and I'm sure Lamia will give you the website to watch it on your computer."
Nick's Creature Features, "MATA Milwaukee Ch 14"

Watch your show and luv it!
William G.

Classy, sexy and talented, Horror Hotel hostess Lamia is fun to spend a horror movie with.
Mike H

I like this show. Now I have a valid excuse to be a hermit on weekend evenings (before, I was a hermit on weekends but without a valid reason).
Jesse B.

I really enjoy the Horror Hotel Series. It takes me back to my youth when I watched Sinister Seymour and Elvira. Keep up the good work!
Ron, CA

My wife and I always look forward to watching Horror Hotel every Friday and Saturday night on Retro TV. We also enjoy hearing Lamia's excellent movie reviews and trivia. And, the line up of shows are just great! Thank you Retro TV and Horror Hotel for bringing us quality entertainment.
Dan Sharayko

I enjoy watching each week and seeing a fun show that includes some facts and trivia as well as not being pretentious.
Lucan W., Las Vegas NV

Long time horror fan and freak here who recently found your show on Retro TV and became an instant fan! Great movies, fun facts and LOVE that Lilith!
Benjamin D., La Puente CA

"Lamia is a knowledgeable horror film historian who gives the facts and stats on the movies she hosts, as well as what was going on, horror-wise, during its era."
ROKU Guide review

I really enjoy your program. Presenting movies I would never think to look up or watch, often films I never knew of before, plus all the factoids and info about the actors and making of these films is really interesting and enjoyable. Glad I ran across your show couple months ago by accident. Catch you on retro TV in Los Angeles
W. Parker, L.A.

Love your show... former Marine and current Philly PD Lt... Very cool stuff you have going on.
John W., Pennsylvania

Awesome. Your show rocks. I love it and my 21 year old son loves Lamia. I wish the show was on Sunday night besides the Friday and Saturday nights [on Retro].
Elisa B., Chicago IL

Watch you every weekend. Really enjoy the trivia & backstory of the films. Especially the films I've never seen or heard of. Thanks.
Justin, Los Angeles CA

Enjoying One Body Too Many as a nice change of pace. I agree with Lamia, there should be more modern who-done-it mysteries. Keep up the good work!
Alex A.

Excellent - really enjoy watching it.
Tony M., Chicago IL

I watch your show every week in Las Vegas on Retro TV through KGNG TV and CenturyLink. You do a very fine job on educating the viewer about the films your show features.
Tim H, Las Vegas NV

Hi "Lamia"! 3-weeks ago we just got "Retro TV" back on, when I 1st saw you on Sat. & Sun. nites & I've been hooked ever since.
David Rock Nelson, Chicago IL

EXCELLENT SCREENING CHOICES. So glad you are showing some Larry Buchanan! Good to see Buchanan getting some RESPECT. Bravo!
Rodd M.

I enjoy your program. Entertaining and informative.
Ray O., New York NY

Somebody just gave me a little old TV and I hooked a rabbit ear antennae to it and WOW!!! "The Horrors of Spider Island"!!!!!! Very cool. Watching in Salinas, California. Great show to stumble on. Thanks for all the work.
Charlie M., Salinas CA

You are the best!
Joe K., Newark DE

Lamia, you're my new hero. Love your show, I just discovered it.
Maira H., Greenville MI

Saturday nights show was very good.try to use old tv shows again,please.i am in lemay,mo and i watch wxps #16 on retrotv.the correct times here are saturday midnight to 2am sunday
Mike C., Lemay MO (WXPS 16)

My 73 yr old mom Helen loves your show.
Don Z.

Hello Lamia. Been enjoying your show for more than a year now and like that you are commenting more on the events of the movie during your host segments. Being in Chicago I've watched Svengoolie for a long time and think you are one of the best of the newer horror hosts. Thanks for keeping the horror host tradition going.
John S. , Chicago

Best horror film show on TV!
Ray D., Los Angeles CA

Great show!!!!
Christine C.

Watching you on the Retro channel. When the show is over, I am going to add you to my ROKU.
Kelly B., Missouri

I'm watching in Cincinnati. YOU CAN PICK THEM. Great show with the actors in the episodes.
Daniel F. VH, Cincinnati OH

I really like the show, have been watching for about six months.
William C.

Lamia is cute and has brains too and I don't mean in a jar. Thank you so much for doing this and responding to me!!!! You are awesome Lamia!!! Love Hitchcock. Almost went to bed until you intrduced the episode. I did dose off toward the end. I'll be 50 soon. Keep up the great work. I'll be tuning in every week now.
Matt S., Oakville MO

I love this show on tv reto channel my name is Duane
Duane L.

What makes this "Halloween Special" extra special is the presentation of the horror trilogy: Dr. Frankenstein, Alfred Hitchcock, & Lon Chaney Jr. What a line up !!!
John F., Cleveland OH

Thank You Lamia for choosing interesting not often seen films on your show and all the bloody facts you ensue.
Mark F., Los Angeles CA

Watching in LA now (Retro TV 63.3). Loving the special Halloween show. Has all of what I enjoy the show for: little-seen horror rarities not available anywhere else, with a great host! Keep up the great work! Best horror movie/TV/short film show on TV now. Well, really the only one for the last of those.
Ray D., Los Angeles CA

Just started watching your show a couple weeks ago and I dig it. CREEP up the great work.
daddywolfs (Instagram)

It's awesome that you're showing an unaired TV pilot. The production of the Frankenstein episode show looks pretty good!
Dennis R., Grand Rapids MI

What's really good about your show is the selection of old films you show. You show movies that nobody else has shown for a long time. Rare stuff. So far, I've seen The Brain That Wouldn't Die, VooDoo Man and Bloody Wednesday. I'm very impressed with your films. Keep up the good work!
Larry Miller

Love you Lamia. Watch your show very Saturday nite. Haven't seen some of those movies for years, when I was a little boy back in the 1950's
Jack S.

I love the show and watch it every week.
-John H., Oklahoma

Hi: just wanted to say how pleased I am to have frankly stumbled across Horror Hotel a few months ago, mainly because it's close to BBCAMERICA on our cable service. First your monologues are really entertaining, I've told other film fans to listen to your defense of silent films on Dr Jekyl. I can tell you're at a different level than the corny gags done by typical "Midnight Movie" hosts.
Pat, FL

Love your show.
Kelly L, Buffalo NY

She's so gorgeous... damn y'all should get a channel in Manchester New Hampshire. Really would be nice to have!
Tanner W

I just found Horror Hotel and added it on Roku.  What a cool show! Nice production values and movie selection and (OMG..!) Lamia is great!  I like the balance of beauty and brains and concerted effort to do something unique.  I'll be binge watching and wanted to say kudos on a great show and please keep producing it!  You have a new fan!
Tony W., Indiana

Thanks for all the quality movies.

Lamia has excellent knowledge of old films. Her love of the genre is genuine and, i liked how she basically said, i like zombies not infected eating machines.
Mike G.

Love the show. And you're very ambitious for a young lady. Good for you!
Gabby J.

I've been watching your show for over a year, and I must say it's excellent! I came from an era when horror hosts (here in Detroit...the Ghoul) showed really really, bad films (Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things springs to mind). While I enjoy a truly bad flick now and then, your show takes the opposite approach by showing the viewer something worth our viewing time. Not only is the film good, but Lamia is a treat as well. So knowledgeable about the film but yet with a touch of "classy" camp. I really like Lilith too!
Kate M, Detroit

Stumbled on to your show in the last week or two and enjoyed it very much. Well done... Well done.
Tom D.

I LOVE HORROR HOTEL. It is my favorite show to watch the old horror films. Lamia you are GORGEOUS. I hope that your indie gathering comes to las vegas so i can meet you. Thanks.

I love Horror Hotel, it's the best. Lamia is a great host. Thank you for this awesome show. I'll be watching this every Saturday.
Chris C., Grand Rapids MI

Fun horror host, wish I could write for the show.
John M.

LOVED watching "House on Haunted Hill" an all time tv classic! THANKS for screening it! !OXOXO..Mark..your # 1!! Elvira..has NOTHING on you..missy! P.S. Just got through "chatting" with "Lamia" here on Facbook... man she is sooo COOL. What a vampire DOLL and horror film host!!!! Watch her show..she kicks..ASS!!
Mark H., Glendale CA

Me encanta ese programa, no me lo pierdo. (I love that show, I don't miss it.)
Olga V., Puerto Rico

I'd just like to say that I've been enjoying your show for over a year now and like that it can be viewed streaming on the website and on roku. Also now in Chicago I can sometimes get it through an antenna on a low powered tv station. But that is hit or miss with weak reception. Thanks for being a good new horror host and getting me to sit through some silent horror movies for the first time (and enjoying them) and having a nice variety movies. Thanks again.
John, Chicago

Great movies and Lamia is HOT. What more do you need. Cant wait for Halloween to see what they come up with.
James C., Kentucky

Found this amazing show on Retro TV on January this year and I love it. Good old school movies, interviews, fun facts and The Most Beautiful Vampire Host
Michael Powell, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Safe House is a cool indie horror flim. It shows us a recurring theme in a world ruled by zombies, that the living can be just as dangerous as the dead.
Joshua G.

I wanted to extend my gratitude, appreciation, respect and admiration for all you have done and are currently doing. I have only just recently discovered Horror Hotel on Retro and I was so excited because it brought back some great memories of when I was a kid watching under similar circumstances; Friday night, late, thrillers, and enjoyable, entertaining hosts. When I started to research more about the show and Lamia I realized how much you do and what passion you have in bringing enjoyment to viewers and all fans of the genre.
Steve B.

Hey Lamia, love the old horror movies, watching one right now! Only thing I’m missing is popcorn, lol.
Dee C.

I grew up watching Elvira. When I lived in MD I thought Svengoolie was interesting. But you are by far my favorite late night horror show host ever. And I only just discovered you tonight.
-Retro TV Viewer

I’ve watched a couple of silent movies this past year that I liked Vampyr and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920).
-John O.S.

Can't fully express how grateful I am for Horror Hotel and the entire premise. I grew up in Hudson watching Hoolihan and Big Chuck, then Big Chuck and Li'l John. Superhost on Saturday afternoon and The Ghoul on Saturday nights. Great memories and watching Lamia on Retro brings it all back. So glad I discovered this and hope you never go away. You guys rock!!!! Thank you and keep up the great work.

Just discovered Horror Hotel. Nice to see a classy, sexy horror hostess over the scarewaves! Knock em dead!

Mike H.

I watch on retro. They have had some old, obscure, independant and forgotten films. Caught the original Sweeny Todd one night, not bad and no singing.
-Mike G.

Looks great, cant wait! 85 year old Pops is here to watch Horror Hotel with me:-)

Dvr'd your show last night... it's really fun Saturday night entertainment. Lamia is great as hostess... keep sharing the hotel trivia- the Bardstown Ky Talbot Inn facts were new to me! Keep up the great job & have fun:)
Tom W.

My kids are scared when you bring out the snake, have a heck of a time trying to calm them down, otherwise enjoy your show.

Mingo B.

Just recently came across your show, and I love it! Very cool that you are showing movies like Vampyr, which otherwise might be forgotten. I was a real treat to see it last night on Retro TV. I also like that you add little bonus short films and/or indie films. Additionally, Lamia is a great host, imparting equal measures of humor, trivia and facts about the movies being shown. Plus, well, she's damn sexy. Keep up the good work, and I hope to be watching the show and Lamia for a good, long time!
Ray D.

You make any film fun to watch. Keep up the good work.
A. Hammack

Saturday nights are finally worth the valued time on Channel 16 ' Retro
Merritt Zimmerman

Lamia love the show and u.
-Joe E., Kentucky

Love the show and the host "Lamia, Queen of the Dark" Grew up watching Dr. Shock out of Philadelphia. It is such a pleasure to see a very motivated young person carrying on the tradition of a horror movie host. I especially enjoy all the background info about the people who made the movie. Keep up the good work and much success in the future. I do plan to get to the film festival some year. I watch your show on Retro TV on Service Electric Cablevision in Fleetwood, Pa.
Randy K. - PA

I love the shows. Thank you. Don't ever go off.
Peter B.

Hi. New fan of Horror Hotel, as it only recently was added to Retro tv. Thanks much for keeping classic horror films on tv.
Bonita, Los Angeles CA

Hi, I'm a huge fan of the show, Lamia is awesome!
Tommy, CA

Our family love Horror Hotel and Lamia, it takes me back to my childhood when Saturday night spook shows were everywhere, and I have never seen a more beautiful hostess than Lamia. I really makes my weekend bright!
Lynn S. - Louisville, KY

You are amazing. Love your show.
-Craig, a Retro TV viewer

You are obviously the hottest horror host to come along in a long time…I saved that ‘French flick’ boarding house killer ‘son of a head mistress’ Classic !! See you Saturday!
Ken N.

Safe House paired up perfect with The Demon Barber (of Fleet Street)!
John C.


I enjoy her tidbits of information about the movies. Not to mention she is pleasing to the eye.
John B.

The host of Horror Hotel is a National Treasure like Elvira Mistress of the Dark.
-Roku viewer

Thank you for showing Vampyr. Never got a chance to watch it until last night.

New to the show and really love it!! Nice to have a show like this on again, makes me think of the old show  ---> Chiller Theater  chilly billy
Cinnamon S., Pennsylvania

LOVE the show! Watch every Saturday at Midnight on WFMZ RTV! Lamia is a great hostess - I love how she talks about the movies, gives unknown facts and little quizzes - it's pretty interesting and I enjoy those extra details! I hope you stick with this show permanently at midnight because it really is fun to watch. I also enjoy the movie selections, so far they've all been good and worth watching! I think it's nice that you're having a mini contest for fans, and I'd love to see more of that, even if its a promo item once every few weeks! I also get a kick out of your bloopers when the monsters go onto the set and Lamia screams at them because she normally sounds so sweet yet she can be pretty mean (its a woman's prerogative :-) ). The show is fun and I'll definitely be watching every Saturday night - it's my midnight thing!
Sharon P., Eastern PA

Favourite Saturday/Sunday show.
Karen S., Shelbyville KY

I grew up in the Cleveland area (60's and 70's) with the finest traditions of original creature features and hosts. So glad the tradition continues.
Theo B., Toledo OH

I'll be watching - love this channel (Retro) & Horror Hotel!
David K.


I enjoy the host Lamia lovely to look at and so well informed about the horror films and their history they show great movies and she is very entertaining!
Dale F, Ohio

Mr Dark is a fan. I got your channel on Roku on my smart TV, not knowing it was yours, and when you came on I was like hey... That's a Mr Dark girl. Good show!
Jason R., Texas

Awesome movie Lamia! I grew up watching b rated horror films on Saturdays, but the Hammer Studios films were the best.
Chris W., Cherry Hill NJ

Just discovered this Gem of a show on Retro Tv. I wanted to see the movie and was pleasantly surprised to discover the Horror Hotel with Lamia. Really enjoyed it & Thanks to Retro tv for sharing it with us all & Thanks to Lamia..Now we have Svengoolie, Creature Features, OffBeat Cinema & Horror Hotel On Sat Nights & Halloween Harvey on Sun nights.
-Maureen F.

Your movies and hosting style are a million times better than Svengoolie and his stupid rubber chickens. Love Lamia.
-Richard C.

I love this movie Vampyr. I'm amazed and so happy that this kind of stuff is on tv.
-viewer in St. Louis

I am watching now from Los Angeles. Thank you Lamia for being so informative. I love Puff by the way. He is very handsome.

Oh my Devil....i recently received a free tv digital antenna (yes, I'm one of those crazy cord cutters) and this was the first Saturday night I spent flicking through the channels. As a fan of the old "Its alive" show here in the Pittsburgh area I was ecstatic when I came across your show on the retro tv channel. I love the old school horror host and your host, Lamia Queen of the dark , may be the most beautiful host I've ever seen. The show was fun and witty, the interview for a new indie horror movie was a great introduction for those up and coming in the industry and by the end I knew I'd be tuning back in next weekend. Thank you so much for making my Saturday nights a bit more joyful now that I can once again gather my friends together around the boob tube and watch some old school hosted horror.
Kevin D. - Pittsburgh

Still wanting more, more interaction with your minions, lol, keep it up. I like the info you give about the oldie movies, informative and entertaining, I like seeing you joke around, keep it up

Awesome show! Thanks to ROKU for the introduction. Keep up the great work and hope to meet you and the gang someday!
Cecil D., Indianapolis IN

I was riding the ole remote control while having supper late last night (the 11th of Feb) and blundered across the last 15 minutes of your show!! I was delighted!! I was jumpin in my seat! Have you had the chance to visit with the likes of Svengoolie here in Chicago or Elvira mistress of the dark? I'm sure they'd be delighted by you!
Barry V., Illinois

We enjoy watching Horror Hotel on RetroTV in Atlanta.

Thank you for showing this [Bloody Wednesday]. Mental illness is nothing to mess with. Lamia is an awesome hostess.
Debbie H.

I just started watching, and i love the show. It really reminds me of when I was little. Watching Elvira mistress of the dark, and count cool rider. A local TV show from the 90s,Those were the days.On Saturday nights Cheesy B movie's popcorn pizza and fun. Thanks for bringing it all back.
Michael Redic - Las Vegas, Nevada

The best part of Horror Hotel is the Queen of the Dark Lamia and her snake.  
Glenn C.

I am a huge fan of your show. Having grown up on Elvira, The Ghoul, and Big Chuck and Lil John, I am glad to have found your show now that those others are no longer shown. It is so much more fun to watch a B grade movie when it is hosted by someone with talent.
Rik M., KY

Great show! The introductory insights about the actors, directors and producers create additional perspectives when watching the films.
Tony N.

Great show reminds me of TV in the 70's. Really like Lamia
Clyde D., Pittsburgh PA

I wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoy watching you and the movies on Horror Hotel on Retro TV. It is great to see some of the rarer movies that you play. The facts that you provide about the movies, the actors and crew are always very interesting. Your show is a nice end to the night; I always catch Svengoolie followed by your Horror Hotel.
John E., Emmaus PA

Another Count Cool Rider fan here in Vegas. Amazing DIY production & a very worthy Horror Hostess. Ohio skillz! Thanks a bunch for the show!
Mondo, Vegas NV

I love the show. Her tidbits about the movies are great. Her insights make the show better.
Otis J., Topeka KS

Y'all just started airing in Dallas on RetroTV, and I have to say that I dig it! I love the movie selection, and I get the same vibe that I would get back in the day when stations used to air local programming as opposed to that commercial nonsense that they do now. Thank you!!
Grant S., Dallas TX

I love it! So happy I found the channel in a Roku search. Much much better than Elviras silliness. And I am also a snake owner. Please keep up the great work.
Charles J., Tampa FL

It is inspiring that this show is constructive to the genre you present and not antagonistic or trying to ridicule and lessen the social impact. We need an intellectual upgrade. Be our teacher. In between the presentation, room for growth, skits animation or otherwise. Let’s get even more creative, inter-active and soar. Online visual Compact classroom we are the captive students. Enjoy your show, keep it up.
Mr X

Just starting watching this on 16.1 Cleveland. Love the show, make it part of my Saturday night tv watching!!!!!
James P., Cleveland OH

Had to jury rig anntenna on old t.v. But lovin' it here on the south side of Chicago!
Beau G., Chicago IL

Greetings, Lamia & colleagues. So glad to find you on my broadcast-only tv. Appreciate the movies & informative commentary.. Consider me part of your fan base & feel free to list me as a family of 12 if rating agencies inquire. All the best

Sorry Lamia, I got to watch 4 of your shows and then WNWO toledo 24 dropped RTV so we can be bored to tears watching Will Wheaton host D&D on TV ......GRRRRR Lobbying to get you back on other local channels!
Wade J., Toledo OH

Hi, I just recently started getting your show on my cable system, I love the show ,great info and great rare movies
John Eppel

Just happened to catch your show last night on Retro TV here in Philly. Your presentation of the film Blubeard was totally unique. Although I'm a fan of other TV horror hosts such as Svengoolie and Marlena Midnite, I appreciate the in-depth information about the actors and the background details on the film you present. I like your intelligent delivery. Even that interview you did with that scream queen (forget her name) was very respectful.  Looking forward to catching the show next Saturday night.
Lou - Philly

Love your show!
G. Wallis

Just found it, reminds me of Dr. Shock and Bubbles. Good job
Judy S.

Nice. I like! 1st time that I have noticed it on Retro-tv 16.1 Cleveland. Pleasant & attractive hostess. Wonderful to have another local talent & programming to kick back to Horror Hotel on a Saturday eve & watching classic horror flicks. Brings back memories of my youth. I'll be tuning in on a regular basis!
Terry K, Cleveland OH

Dig the show. Old school creepy, cheers.
Jamie Smith, New Jersey

Perfect night cap for a lazy Saturday night at home watching monster movies on TV. The best part, this show doesn't present the standard PD Horror films I'm familiar with, but rather some more obscure ones I've never had a chance to see...
Giancarlo N., Pennsylvania

Flipping channels ran across Horror Hotel on Retro and I'm glad I did since it's scary good fun. So do yourself a favor and check in or is that check out the Horror Hotel you won't be sorry. It's nice to see fresh blood doing the horror host gigs and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you. As for me ill be turning in to watch you grow and also be checking out the horror con later this year.
Eric Hendrie, MI

The shows are worth your time. She (Lamia) has always found some fun nuggets of info about each movie that I haven't found before.
Nick's Creature Features

I love this show!
Mark L, Lansing MI

For what seems like forever, all we've had here on Saturday nights was Svengoolie (whom I cannot stand). So I was very happy to see Horror Hotel for the first time last night - stumbled upon the show quite by accident. Another thing: when I see a movie that I enjoy, I always go to to look up the trivia notes. So I'm glad that Lamia is more interested in being informative than trying to be funny. And I agree with her that the classics never go out of style. (bursts into song) Gather around for a minute or two / and I'll admit something to you / I get a treat when women look sinister / Call me superficial / But I stare at them vampire girls...
Edward Wood, Henderson, NV

You have a great show. Don't let it go off air please. You're the best.
Roku viewer, Orlando FL

Here in Las Vegas all we had was The Sinister Minister (off the air) and Svengoolie (whom I cannot stand). So when I stumbled upon Horror Hotel, it was like an oasis in the desert. Lamia isn't like all the other horror hosts. She is hot & sexy, but doesn't come on too strong. And I love that she is informative, and doesn't try to be funny. Usually friendly, but occasionally her mean streak appears - "We'll take a quick break, so don't go anywhere... I MEAN IT! DON'T GO ANYWHERE!" She begins the movie with an introduction of trivia facts - I thought I knew a thing or two, but every time I am surprised to learn something new. Even the movies others have shown a dozen times - well, as she says herself, "You might have seen this one before, but you haven't seen it with me..." So shut the windows, lock the doors, put out the lights (except maybe one candle) and cuddle up with Lamia on Sunday night... if you dare...
Viewer in Las Vegas NV

Just ran across your show on RETRO. LOVE IT. THANKYAVERYMUCH!
RETRO. LOVE IT. I hope they keep them coming. Love classic retro movies. And...You are much cuter than Svengoolie!
John Chester, Ohio

I like Elvira, but she doesn't hold a "bite" to you! You do a real good job. I watch Horror Hotel on Roku, I love watching Lamia. Best Queen of the Dark EVER!!
Kevin Shikles - Tipton, Missouri

This show is "THE" hottest "new" thing airing right now nationally on Roku! This, although the show is not new, is pretty amazing news to see because now more viewers can enjoy the show(s). The producer & host, Lamia,  of Northeast Ohio does a brilliant job. Very cool venue and way the shows are performed. I have seen this young lady in other things and she never ceases to amaze me. Audiences love her & I think you will too. She has a great energy she brings to the show, getting these cool movies on air.And if you like snakes, you will love her Lilleth, just freaky! Thumbs up for a show well produced & performed.
Esther, Ohio

Best #MidnightMovie host these days is Lamia, Queen of The Dark, found on the Retro TV channel #HorrorHotel
P Stevenson

I've always loved shows like this, so it's great to see a bigger resurgence of them in recent years. Horror Hotel has a fun, well- informed host, an entertaining crew and good pick of horror movies. I also enjoy the horror interviews and more of a movie discussion, which add more to the show. It's nice to hear more about the movies than just picking them apart. I really enjoy it and think it's at the top of current horror host shows available. Definitely worth watching if you enjoy the throwback of old horror movies.
Susan Massey, KY

Just checked Horror Hotel out on Retro TV tonight... Good stuff!
Dennis Moore, Missouri

I am really enjoying Horror Hotel on Reel TV. I wish it was on cable in my city! I know it's on air in some cities right now - would love to see it branch out more so I can watch it on my TV. Lamia is a great horror host! I think even better than the likes of Elvira since she gives more info on what we're watching and the show isn't so hokey. Love the snakes and zombies. Maybe have some vampires make cameos in the future? Vampire AND zombie crew? That would be Awesome! I like the old horror flicks - have seen some I hadn't before. Would like to see some more indie films on the show though, since they're usually all original and haven't been seen by many folks but their movie choices have been solid so far. Those two suggestions above don't mark down my rating, because this show is a gem. TV stations, take note, 'cause this show will definitely be a hit and should be seen by more people. Lamia, I will see you at "Horror Hotel" in June! Big fan.
Sara K., Ohio

Good job on picking up Horror Hotel!   Always up for a good horror movie host!
John Lawton, Michigan

Always a fan of horror show hosts and this one does a good job. She's sexy and makes Saturday nights alright for watching!
Joe R., Akron OH

A lot of fun for free, well worth the ride!
Greg T., Louisville KY

When I get home from work, it's fantastic to watch on weekends. It's old school yet new school.
James G., New York NY

Lamia makes even low budget films worth watching.. love the trivia and background on the films. [I may be crazy but I can understand lil zombie without the caption] a pleasant way to spend Saturday night"
A. H.
Horror Hotel: "It is right next to puppies and cheesecake in the awesome department."
T. James

I love Horror Hotel. It's great to see someone actually connect with fans. I have been watching you here in Topeka for a while now. I am a big fan of you and the genre. But you are the best host out there. Lil Zombie is a nice sidekick.
John G., Topeka KS

I stumbled upon your show tonight on WRAZ in Raleigh, NC and really enjoyed it! What a cool ghoul you have for a host. I will be watching again!
Steve H., Raleigh NC

Love your show and your production design. Love the shorts. Tune in every week here in Saint Louis. You put a lot of work into your show to make it varied, interesting, and non-derivative of other horror hosts' presentations.
Ilsa H., St Louis MO

"Great for them old horror movies. And a hot vampire host lol and its also on the Roku stick."
Jason T.

I love this. Having fun at 1/4 to one. Watching old horror, can't go wrong. I was channel surfing and found it. I'm a huge fan of this format. I'm in the Philadelphia viewing area and loved Saturday Night Dead with Stella as a kid. So yeah, love this. I'm definitely a fan now. Keep up the good work.
Steve M., Red Hill PA

I enjoy the vintage horror films Lamia plays. I also enjoy Lamia's costumes!
Danny H., Kentucky

Love your show on 25.9 here in Topeka, KS. And keep up the great work in the classic/horror genre.
Stephen B., KS

Horror Hotel beats the lame offerings on my local broadcast TV stations.
Scot K.

Horror Hotel takes the movies seriously (bordering on reverence). I appreciate Lamia's attention to new film makers, as well.
Joel C., Los Angeles CA

Horror Hotel has Great old movies and host explains the background of the movie.
Keith C., Fontana CA

There are no words for how much I enjoy Horror Hotel and the information you give us on the films you show.
Catherine F., Los Angeles CA

Hey Lamia! Our friends and I all watch Horror Hotel here in the Philadelphia PA Area on Retro TV at DTV Channel 2.5 Philadelphia/Allentown. You're on from Midnite to 2:00 AM Sat night. We usually have 4 or 6 of us over for late night pizza, beer, snacks and good times together on the two couches and a movie with you on the 53" LG! Thanks for Horror Hotel!
Kurt & Jackie and friends

I saw your show on "Kbeh retro 469" and loved it. Looked for it this last weekend, but the channel changed to "Majestad TV."
I live in Los Angeles County, Calif. Is there another channel that air your program in my area.
Terry I.

I am enjoying Rogue's Tavern and your guest Erik William.  I would agree with both of you that there is excessive gore in horror films today. The tension, mood, atmosphere, "psychological terror" created by our imaginations is largely missing in the horror genre today.  However, there are a few exceptions that have impressed me in recent years.  Thanks for producing a great show.  I watch you on Retro TV via HD Antenna.
Tony J.

I’m glad I found you on my Roku! My new favorite Horror Host
Blake W., Batesville, Arkansas

Love the show!
Bill F.

Do you love grade-B (or lower) horror flicks? Do you dig watching said flicks with a kooky host who brings you info on the film and wacky skits in between the breaks? Then you should check this show out! Long live the great American horror host tradition!
James L., Santa Monica CA

I love the show, so I purchased a Roku just to watch the show. Lamia rocks!
Steven D.

Wow! For an independent channel, the production values of the breaks and host interaction are simply the best of any on Roku. I'm really impressed. It reminds me a lot of when USA channel back in 89-98 had Up All Night with Rhonda Shear. No buffering, no little circle chases, smooth transitions between the show and commercials - just very well done. I'll be looking forward to a larger movie selection and would even consider $ support if they did more original content; they have the talent for it! Look out Classic Movie Vault - this one could be serious competition. Roku content done right!
Roku Viewer

She really is entertaining in her role as host. Very entertaining. This certainly is a thrill!!
Albert Z., Pennsylvania

My wife and I watch here in Vegas, Action Channel #97. Watch your shows on Saturday and Sunday nights!
Action Viewer

Lamia and her grass roots company bring a lot of creativity into providing a first class horror host experience, with many non-derivative touches, varied content, and great production values.
I. Heike

Lamia is the best! One in a million.
Lee R.

Best horror movie host since Sammy Terry. And Lamia is sure more beautiful than Sammy.

R. Clark

I’ve been a Horror & Sci-Fi buff since childhood, and I’ve seen horror hosts come and go.  Her manner of presentation is the best I’ve seen.  With her seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the genre, her enticing & enchanting nature, combined with the delightfully macabre setting and cast of co-creepies, I find the show something to eagerly enjoy each week.
Steven D., Louisville KY

Love your show. Just got it for my ROKU.
Eddie H., Tennessee

It's fun and they have some wild movies. I like the old ones the best. Lamia goes into much detail on all of these movies which is very interesting.

Robert G.

Thank you for providing the extra information about the films and actors. Lots of fun along with some obscure films.
Jim S., Illinois

I get the streaming channel "Horror Hotel" and I quite enjoy Lamia, her pet snake, and her zombie brother/guy. She is super knowledgeable about every horror movie available on that channel. She also supports local festivals, does interviews, and puts up little factoids about the movies playing.
Rebecca S.

My grand daughters age 5 and 8 love your show they wear your shirts every night during the show!
Joseph F., Las Vegas ,NV

Love this show--fun AND informative! Just wish it were on earlier on Retro-TV, but hey, you can't have everything.
Ed M., Illinois

New fan here! I don't know how this came to be, but your show appears in the Detroit viewing area (I'm in Royal Oak). I wish I had discovered it earlier, as it appears on one of the lower profile channels (Retro-TV 14.7). I love everything from the characters to the commercial break animations. Lamia is especially interesting; alluring and intelligent. She has a great talent for what she does. I really hope you continue your show for years to come!
Eric V., Detroit, MI

Your show is so much fun, informative, and you are an absolute delight! Best wishes for a Happy Halloween - but I will be watching your show year round!
Rick S., ROKU viewer

I'm from the UK and we don't have shows like this in our neck of the woods! I absolutely love the show! Lamia is awesome! Can't wait for more!

Love this show! Great movie picks with a fun and informative presentation. Countess Lamia for Prez!
Raymond S., New York

I found out about Horror Hotel once I got Roku. My husband and I are fans of all kinds of horror, and I was excited to see all the horror channels
available on Roku, but it stood out that Horror Hotel had a horror host, which we'd been missing since we got rid of cable. I really like what you bring to the show, and your style of doing it. Keep it up!
Lisa G. M.

I just recently discovered the show and it's one of the best I've seen. It is very entertaining.

Chad G., Knoxville TN

Met you at Ghoulardi Fest. Just started watching.  Fun show!
Travis N., Ohio

Lamia, as someone who grew up in the Chiller Theater days of Pittsburgh, it is great to have someone like yourself to show us the horror classics that have pretty much been forgotten. You give me a reason to stay up late night and get scared again!

As a late-night film viewer, I really appreciate the types of films that you have been airing recently. Your choice of old mystery, suspense, and crime films is very welcome. I started out as a kid watching Roland (John Zacherle) on Shock Theater which aired in the Philadelphia area in the late 1950s. Shock Theater also mixed crime and espionage films in with the usual schedule of horror material. While not a big fan of the Zombie genre, I found the indie movie that you showed about WWII German soldiers being turned into zombie-like creatures very interesting. Moreover, I was surprised and gratified that you aired Lady of Burlesque. And, yes, I voted for you to get the Rondo award for favorite horror host. Thanks very much for giving an insomniac something to enjoy on TV late on a Saturday night.
Jim J.

Horror Hotel is a good program. I don't ever get bored from it.

Edwin, Puerto Rico

Please keep the shows coming; I never miss an episode. Please pass on my appreciation to Lamia, especially during these trying times.
Steven D.

Dear Lamia, Love the show. Recently found you on my Roku. There is a god! Thank you for such a great show. Look forward o all the great things you'll accomplish in the future. You are so gifted and multi-talented!
Michael G.

My Dad is a huge fan from Pittsburgh, and when I go visit him we always watch your show.
- Retro viewer

Just discovered y'all via Roku.  Awesome show!
Joe on Roku

I’ve just recently discovered your show. Great job!  Keep up the good work.
Frank A., California

You guys are the BEST! Horror Hotel is my favorite horror show and Lamia is second to none! Long Live Lamia!
Stephen W., Texas

I’ve just recently discovered your show. Great job! Very fun!  I like that you actually center the show on the movie. Classic horror hosting. Well done!
Frank A., California

Horror Hotel is entertaining,informative,scary,and fun! You'll always be #1 to me.

A. J. A.

I love the variety of movies on Horror Hotel -- so many films of which I would likely be never aware! The obscure, the silent, the kitschy ... all fascinating. Quite a unique program, much more than most typical horror film programs. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Jerry G.

Great newer generation of horror hosting!..Kudos to the cast and crew!
Paul K

Classic horror films, interesting interviews, and a small budget warmth combine with a charismatic host who loves films.

R. Ritchey, North Carolina

Watching in Brunswick on 16.1 Retro. You folks certainly show each weekend that Cleveland does rock!!
Terry K., Brunswick OH

Nice informative segments. Thanks to quarantine, I've been catching this show. Definitely an old school vibe that's comforting somehow.

Lamia, I am your loyal ghoul. You make Saturday nights fun. Thank you.
Brian W.

"Fresh new adaptation of classic horror film host. Very entertaining studio work and Lamia is spot on. Highly recommend you watch."
Bill S.

My Sister and I never miss your shows. They are so great and your questions on the show are really interesting. We learn  alot about the movies we never knew.  Thank you. Can't wait until the next show.
Irma M.

Just enjoyed The Hunchback of Notre Dame thanks to your show! Truly a great movie that still holds up. Liked the written comentary, which for me did nothing to detract from the presentation. That you brought this was awsome! I've watched your show now and then, but this has given me incentive to try to watch more.
Ted K., Arizona

Lamia, you always put me in a vampire trance!!!!  The movie is bonus!!!
Rozine D.

I really love your show. I watched Svengali the other night and enjoyed it very much. You have a great style.
Michael L.

I really think your show is the best. You're very beautiful.

Martin C.

I just discovered the show a week ago. Great job! Now I look forward to it each week.

Eddie M., Retro viewer

I just recently found your show and I love it. Looking forward to the next show.
-Bruce T., Paducah, KY

I'm so glad I discovered a new horror host who has respect for the classics!
-Rich K.

I just discovered your show on the Action Channel. Looking forward to seeing more!
Steve H.

I am here every Saturday. Hello from St. Louis, Missouri. Love you and the show.
Michelle G., St Louis MO

1st time I watched your show (the Christmas [2020] special) on Retro tv in Buffalo. You are a great, fun and informative host. I love it!! Keep up the good work!!
Tony D., Buffalo NY

Horror Hotel is like the French Revolution, as I lose my head over it.
J.W., Retro viewer



I had just recently found out about Horror Hotel from a co-worker who had suggested it to me after over hearing me mention my love for the old time horror films.  I've grown up watching horror host like "Doctor Shock" when I was twelve and loved those old time horror flicks such as the Screaming Skull and Night of the Shrews.  I've started watching Drive-In Movie Manics and had been watching Svengoolie for a few years now which those guys are great but I hate to admit to it but I like Lamia's selection of films and back stories much better than her competitors. Thank You Lamia for your excellent choice of classic films!

Walter, PA

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