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Film Festival

This was my first time attending the Horror Hotel Film Festival...I brought my movie all the way from Nepal...won 2nd place in Best Foreign Horror Category and Movie got screened...But the most amazing thing was the experienve... met alot of talented people...did really good networking....Ray and Kristina was very helpful...Hope to see more in the future
Pasang Lama

It's a great opportunity to network with a wide range of talented people and even make new friends. The people that run it are warm and welcoming. They will help you break the ice with others and make contacts.
Geoffrey D Calhoun

Great conference! Being new to the scene, the Horror Hotel conference proved to be tremendously beneficial. They offered several great lectures, and the time allotted to the table read was a fantastic resource for feedback an insight!
Looking forward to attending again in the future.
Joel Byerly

The producer, Kristina Michelle, works extremely smart and hard to pull off an amazing event every year. She delegates the help she needs to get the job done and guest feedback has been positive every single time.
Esther Stoutenburgh

Fun festival to attend, with many great movies, and you will meet genuine indie filmmakers from all over the world. Looking forward to next year.
Saba Saba, NY

It was a fantastic festivel and convention. We met a lot of talents, watched a lot of great films, and had a really fabulous weekend at International Horror Hotel. Thanks the organizers and all film makers to make this awesome event. I will absolutely come back again.
Enguang Zhao

Absolutely one of the best film festivals I've ever attended. The filmmakers, producers, directors, screenwriters, etc. were truly amazing people, and made the event that much more entertaining. I can't wait until next year.
Erik William

Great people, great films, wonderful community. Highly recommend attending.
Landon Knoblock

A great film festival attended by truly talented and creative people. Kristina was an incredible host who executed the entire weekend with incredible ease. An outstanding professional.
Phil Elam

No complaints here had a fun and sweet time in Hudson Ohio. You have to see it for yourself a lot of great people there.
Jason McCallister

great festival! I had a fun time watching the movies and learned a lot at the seminars!
Diana Woody

reat idea for the Con and a Film Fest! We're from Canada and we hope to attend soon!
Toddske Bradley-Thomas

Well-run, fan and filmmaker friendly, with a great lineup and fest organizers who know and love indie film.
Jason Tostevin

Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.
Pedro Jaén Rodríguez

I loved it met all kinds of kool people
Tony Sperry

Warm, friendly atmosphere. Great for networking and to see enjoyable films.
Joseph Villapaz

What do I say about TIHH? Well sitting here in my office next to the award I received from them for my film, I have to say, nor only is the festival setup very well, but the staff is simply amazing. The communication is very detailed, and even through email, I could feel a friendly, and warm smile shine through. The films seem to be judged very fair, and the extras alone are worth admission. I look forward to submitting again in the future. L.C.F.
Leeroy Farrare

They play so many movies and a lot of filmmakers attend for the weekend - you can't go wrong with a film fest right in a hotel. Very convenient! Lots of opportunities for socializing and networking and the awards ceremony is always a hoot. Highly recommended!
Nathan Ludwig

The people are great, the contacts are invaluable, the weather was very nice! Couldn't ask for anything more!
Jim Sullivan

Great fest, great community and great networking opportunities. It's the perfect place to meet new, up-and-coming, genre filmmakers and build the kind of network that can last your entire career!
Ryan LaPlante

Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.
Pedro Jaen R.

Though I was not able to attend the festival my two screenplays placed 2nd in two categories - Sci-Fi and Suspense/Thriller. There was great communication with this festival. Overall, very professional and pleasant experience. Will not hesitate to enter again as soon as I complete my newest horror screenplay.
Mike Briock

I wasn't able to attend in person, but my brother went on my behalf, and had a terrific time. The festival was great about keeping me updated. It sounds like a great festival to attend, and it was to submit.
Shelagh Rowan-Legg

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